Curious History

Curious History

The Most Interesting and Famous Medical Malpractice Cases in History

Being a victim of medical malpractice can be a terrifying experience, particularly when it involves extreme level of carelessness. There exist many unusual medical malpractice cases in history , which have histrionically changed the face of health care service providers ... Read More

Terrifying history of the Clowns…….!

Are you scared of the makeup-clad party entertainers? Do clowns freak you out? Or do you think clowns are weird? Well, if so, then you are not alone my friend. Many people in this world have been terrified by clowns ... Read More

Vaporizer History - What Is A Dry Herb Vape Pen?

The thought that this century is responsible for the creation of a vaporizer is absolutely absurd. Vaporizers go back many centuries and are used by many civilizations and cultures. In ancient times, people would gather and heat stones then place ... Read More

The evolution tale of granite countertops

Granite countertops Nowadays whenever a person thinks about kitchen remodeling, granite is the first material which comes in mind for the kitchen counter . To have a nicer kitchen just installation of a granite counter top is enough. But have ... Read More

You won't believe these hairstyles were popular in 1920

1920’s hairstyles Hairstyles of the 1920s created more controversy in the  hair styling  cosmos of the world as compared to any other era of American culture. The hairstyle called as the bob, was the center of this debate. This hairstyle bought a ... Read More
History of the Magic

Throughout history, different cultures have had their unique forms of magic, such as hoodoo, shamanism, and voodoo. Magic can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where it was closely tied…

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The History of Nursing

Nowadays, nursing is growing in popularity as a career because it has been voted as…

U.S. Presidential history

Departing the traditional monarchical system of Britain, the founding fathers of U.S. constitution drafted a system where the American citizen had the responsibility and power…

anniversary gifts

The History of Anniversary Gifts

The first documented instance of the practice of giving anniversary gifts dates back to the 18th-century German tradition of silberne Hochzeit. Here, wives would receive silver wreaths from their husbands or friends on their 25th wedding anniversary. If the couple were together for 50 years, the wives would get gold wreaths. While these wreaths were given as memories of the occasion, which was also commemorated by exuberant celebrations, they also ... Read More

The Viking Age: Exploring the Seafaring Warriors of the North

The Viking Age, spanning from the 9th to the 11th century, witnessed the rise of Scandinavian seafaring warriors known as Vikings or Norsemen. These intrepid explorers and raiders embarked on voyages that would leave an indelible mark on European history. In this article, we will delve into the origins of the word Viking, the composition of Viking societies, their motivations for raiding, and their profound impact on Europe. Origins of ... Read More
Bahri Tufina

Bahri Tufina’s Watchmaking Legacy

The Tufina family's legacy is one defined by their resolute preservation of watchmaking heritage, a commitment that endured even through subsequent periods of turmoil. From enduring dictatorship to cultivating an educational institution, and from traversing continents to revitalizing their craft, the Tufina family's journey exemplifies an unyielding pursuit of excellence and the eternal power of resilience. In this article we will delve in more detail into the story of Bahri ... Read More

The study of sleep disorders

Insomnia was first reported in the ancient Egyptian texts, where opium was used to treat the  sleep disorder . In the 17th century, medicine underwent a change from the doctrines of Aristotle, Galileo, to more scientific theories. It was against this background that neurologists Thomas Willis and Thomas Sydenham came up with principles and practice of clinical neurology. Willis contributed to the knowledge of various sleep disorders, including Restless Leg ... Read More
medieval weapons

Medieval Weapons That Shaped the Face of War and History

The medieval period lasted from the fifth to the fifteenth centuries, and it was one of the most turbulent and revolutionary times in human history, defined by conflict, chivalry, and significant scientific advances. When it came to conflict, both the East and West had almost similar experiences. In the West, Germanic tribes clashed with Roman Empire soldiers, resulting in the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The Crusades fought to ... Read More

The Origins of Masonry

Stone and Brick Masonry Whether it is the pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China or the Colosseum in Rome - these architectural structures are the iconic examples of masonry. The birth of hardscaping and masonry can be dated back to the first agricultural age with the expansion of the Fertile Crescent between 9,000 to 7,000 BC. At this time, fire was used to craft mortar. Mortars made of ... Read More

Francisco de Borja Queipo and House of Queipo

Francisco de Borja Queipo and family, House of Queipo, Grandee of Spain, is a Spanish noble house with royal ancestry (Borgia); including politicians, diplomats, religious figures and military leaders. Among the aristocratic titles are: viceroys, dukes, marquesses, counts, viscounts, knights, lords, ladies, among others. As well as Prime Minister of Spain, Mayor of Madrid, President of the Parliament and the Council of Ministers, ministers, governors, regents, senators, congressmen, ambassador, counselors, ... Read More

A Brief History Of Katana The Samurai Swords

The sword ruled the battlefield before firearms took over. And, of all the shining blades in history, from the saber to the broadsword, feudal Japan’s katana is by far the most iconic. The term katana was initially used to designate a sword during the Kamakura era (1185-1333), although swords have been made in Japan for over two centuries. Japanese swords were initially simple variants of Chinese swords with straight, double-edged ... Read More

History of Japanese Traditional Beauty Secret

Interestingly, while beauty standards tend to fluctuate with time, beauty standards in Japan have almost remained the same—Japanese beauty focuses on creating a flawless appearance with an emphasis on lighter, brighter skin. “A fair complexion hides seven flaws” is an old Japanese saying that shows how much the Japanese value light skin. Even now, when beauty trends come and go, women in Japan still strive for a pale idea of ... Read More
History of the Magic

History of the Magic

Throughout history, different cultures have had their unique forms of magic, such as hoodoo, shamanism, and voodoo. Magic can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where it was closely tied to religion and spirituality. Then, it was used for various purposes, such as divination, healing, and influencing the natural world. How far back can we go? The history of magic can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as the ... Read More