Curious History

Curious History

Gruesome Crimes In History That Make You Squirm

Crime…Criminals…Criminal lawyers…are not new concepts. There happened brutal and gruesome crimes throughout the history of mankind. No matter how many laws were enforced, how strict punishments were assigned, and how diligent police officers existed, crime remained an uncontrollable part of life. And it can appear even bigger because people demand to know every detail of tragic or shocking events.

Crimes That Shocked the World

History is full of crimes like kidnapping, murder, assassination, robbery, molestation, and assault that can make anyone cringe and squirm. All the way through the storied history of crime all over the globe, there have been many crimes that have not only created the headlines but have also shaken entire globe, and put humanity to shame. Here is the list of most shocking crimes in history:

Murder of Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa

This Mongolian woman went missing on October 2006. Later fragments of her bones were located at Malaysia. She was shot twice by two men, and later her body was exploded.

Murder of Judith Eva Barsi

10 year old child actress Eva (along with mother) was shot by her own father József Istvan Barsi. The murderer then burned the body with gasoline, and shot himself.

Murder of Matthew Shepard

On October 7, 1998, Matthew Shepard became the victim of hate on the basis of sexual orientation. Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney’s hatred toward homosexuals result them to pistol-whipp and torture Matthew. His murder later became an influential act name as Matthew Shepard Act that extended the definition of hate crimes to include sexual orientation.

The “East Harlem Rapist”

A serial murderer and rapist – Arohn  Kee, used to rape and murder teenage girls during 90s. He used to rape girls and then strangle them until death.

Sada Abe Case

Sada Abe is a Japanese prostitute who grabbed headlines on May 21, 1936 when she murdered her lover and then cut off his genitals, and carried them around in her purse for three days before she was caught.

Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping

In 1932, a stranger snatched Charles Lindbergh’s son from his crib. In spite of the family having every resource including criminal defence lawyer, the dead body of Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr. was located 2 months later in a field.

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