Curious History

Curious History

Wickedly Haunted Wedding Venues

Light bulbs turning ON-OFF automatically! Chandeliers swaying in empty rooms! Giggling sound of children around pool area! Humming voice of a woman audible in hall! Sound of footsteps on staircase! Seems like nightmares, right? But there are wedding venues, which are actually haunted. If you want to tie knot at the most eerie venue, then you can book a tent rental and get married at the wickedly haunted wedding venue.

Haunted Wedding Venues!

Some actions are beyond explanations. Some phenomena don’t have scientific justification. Some places are cursed. And some venues are haunted by spirits…….. There is no proof and there is no explanation about the incidents happening at some places, but these incidents are not normal. Some people are scared, some look for scientific proofs, while some embraces this and want to get married at the haunted wedding venues.

Gainswood Plantation

Grainswood is the perfect Greek mansion for weddings. This plantation house comes with melodic and mysterious piano playing in background. You can thank the Eliza Robertson’s ghost for the music at your wedding. She moved in this apartment in 1856, and died because of illness. Eliza is renowned friendly ghost.

Southeast Lighthouse

This historic site has view of Atlantic Ocean. The entire venue is built in 19th century with red-bricks. This lighthouse has its own spooky story. An owner killed his wife inside it, and she continues to haunt male visitors till now.

The Crescent Hotel

From 125 years, this hotel has been hosting wedding ceremonies. A worker fell and died during the construction. He landed somewhere room 218. In this room, toilet flushes itself and footsteps fall.

The Queen Mary

It is a permanently docked ship. You can host your wedding inside it, if you don’t mind some extra guests. The ghosts of 3 travelers and 2 crewmen haunt the ship.

The Stanley Hotel

The hotel is haunted by the original owner and his wife. Mr. Stanley plays piano in the hotel and his wife is often spotted in the lobby.

The Hannah House

This is the haunted housed where chandelier swinging is observed. Strange moans have been reported on the venue. You need to opt for proper party rentals to host your wedding here.

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