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Curious History
Cyrus The Great

Cyrus The Great, History Of One Of The Most Charismatic King

Cyrus the great was also known as Cyrus II and was born in 590-580 BCE in Persia. He founded the Achaemenian empire which was centered in Persia and it comprised of the Near East from the Aegean Sea eastward to the Indus River. He was known as the father of his people in Persia due to his tolerant nature. According to the Bible, he liberated the Jews who had been held captive in Babylon

The Life of Cyrus the Legend


Cyrus who was born in Media or Persia came from a long line of the chief and he was the second leader to rule Persia. He was held in high esteem by his own people in Persia and by the Greeks and others. According to Herodotus, the Persian called Cyrus their father for being charismatic. Cyrus who was seen to have the superhuman qualities was the child of Prince Cambyses and the daughter of overlord of Persians. He was however raised by a shepherd because the grandfather had a dream that Cyrus would overthrow him, and he ordered that he be killed. The chief adviser who was ordered to kill Cyrus, however, spared his life but gave him to a shepherd to raise him. At the age of 10 Cyrus had outstanding qualities and even though Astyages had the dream he allowed the boy to live. When Cyrus was old he revolted against his grandfather and overlord and in 550BCE Cyrus won.

Cyrus and the Empire

After he took over the Medes Empire he began by consolidating his power over the Iranian tribes and then expanded to the west. Cyrus managed to capture the Sardis, Lydia Capital in 547 or 546. Croesus the leader of the Lydia was taken captive and treated well by Cyrus. The Ionian Greek cities on the Aegean submitted after short sieges and become subject to Cyrus. The revolts in the Greek cities were suppressed by Cyrus and then he turned to Babylonia where he easily invaded the lowlands. The Babylonians were dissatisfied with their ruler Nabonidus and that made it easy for easy to invade the lowland. It was easy to conquer Babylon because even the priest of Marduk which was the national deity of the Babylonian Metropolis was not loyal to the leader. In 539BCE the Babylonian city was captured by the Persians.

According to Ezra Chapter 1:1-4 in the Bible Cyrus rescued the Jewish captives in Babylonia and allowed them to return to their homeland. Cyrus had tolerance with the Babylonians and he supported local customs and even sacrificed to local deity and that enabled him to reconcile the local population. Cyrus did not capture Babylonia but also captured Syria and Palestine. Cyrus through diplomacy and use of arms established the largest empire that was known then. Cyrus Kept Babylonia as a winter capital
Cyrus not only conquered the various but also conciliated them. He not only perfected the art of being charismatic, but he was also able to form a great empire. He formed the Achaemenian culture and civilization.

Although a lot is known about his rulership little is known about his family apart from the fact that he two sons Cambyses and Bardiva. Cambyses succeeded him, and it’s thought that he put Cyrus to death secretly. Cyrus also had a daughter but they are not mentioned because they played no role in history


Legacy of Cyrus

Cyrus was not only a great conqueror and leader, but he was revered by his people. He was the epitome of great qualities and was seen a conqueror who was tolerant and big-hearted

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