Curious History

Curious History

The Most Interesting and Famous Medical Malpractice Cases in History

Being a victim of medical malpractice can be a terrifying experience, particularly when it involves extreme level of carelessness. There exist many unusual medical malpractice cases in history, which have histrionically changed the face of health care service providers over the years.

Horrible Cases Of Medical Malpractice

Medical practitioners have been considered as some of the smartest members of society. It takes years of study and persistent retraining to be a good doctor. But they are still doctors are human, and humans are fallible. Mistakes are made by everyone; some mistakes are avoidable while some mistakes can change the entire life of other people. Take sneak peek over the most horrible mistakes made by medical professionals in the history:

Bizarre case of Alexander Baez

Alexander Baez is a former runner-up Mr. Universe Contest. He was so concerned with his physique, and in the year 1999 he decided to get Pec implants. He shocked when he awoke after implantation surgery, because he was given the breast implants instead of Pec implants.

Surgeon of Love

During the 1970s and 1980s, many female patients preferred Ohio gynecologist Dr. James Burt because he promised pain free births! Dr. Burt performed used to perform reconstruct surgeries on vaginas to increase sexual responses. Many women stated that they had extreme pain after giving birth and some even reported urinary tract infections. The State Medical Board of Ohio eventually caught up with Doctor Burt, and medical malpractice lawsuit worth $21 million was filed against him.

The Fire Transplant

No one thought about burn during the organ transplantation process. But it happened to a man in Canada in 2005 when he was undergoing through liver transplant operation. It is said that the heart beats of patient stopped during the surgery, so an emergency procedure was started. Doctors used disinfect alcohol his skin, which caught on fire. This fire gave him severe burns on neck, head and shoulders.

Suicidal psychologist

A Female psychologist accused of involving male patients in a bizarre game that urge men commit suicide. She used to convince males that they are infants and she is their mother. And practice some strange methods on them, which eventually end in suicide.

So, these are some terrible medical malpractice cases from history, which can even shock medical malpractice lawyers.

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