Curious History

Curious History

Controversial connection between nightmare and previous life

Do bad dreams afraid your child? Do you ever have bad dreams about strange places? Or are you confused about nightmares? Well, if yes then please do not associate bad dreams or nightmares with previous life because scientifically there is NO previous life. These nightmares are nothing but sleep disorders!

Childhood Nightmare or Past Life Memory!

Many people believe that dreams about finding themselves in a totally unfamiliar place have something to do with the previous life mystery. People consider that strange place is a house where they lived in a past life or a farm where they used to work in their previous life (or something related with past lives). To be clear, these places do not have anything to do with previous birth but they are somewhere in your subconscious mind. So, please stop believing in previous life concepts and get a life.

Interesting stories of reincarnations

Many people claim that they are an incarnation of some historical celebrities. Even though rebirth tales can never be proven factual, many of them have potent which are truly mind-blowing, especially when small children at a very young age say about their lives in a different corner of the world!

A two-year child in the United States claims that he was a fighter pilot during World War II and died in a plane crash. The father of this child claims that their boy had nightmares about his death in the plane crash and he can totally recall his past life.

There are a number of children who claim themselves as a re-incarnation of Abraham Lincoln. They said plenty of things that happened in the life of Abraham Lincoln. Another famous reincarnation story comes from iconic actress Merlyn Monroe. Many girls claimed that they are the reincarnation of Merlyn Monroe. They dress, talk and behave like the actress and reveal facts about Merlyn Monroe’s life. Likewise, there are oodles of re-incarnation stories about historical characters.

Well, again the nightmare and bad dreams do not have any connection with a previous life and if your child dreams about such things take him or her to a sleep specialist doctor.

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