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Curious History
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The Dark Secrets Of Black Magic and Satanic Witchcraft

Darker energies always seem to be created during darker times. The history of black magic proves that when people were not satisfied with their lives, they can become vengeful and seek help from dark powers. Black magic is one of the most powerful spiritual forces of the universe that people trust for solution of problems.


Throughout the history, people practiced black magic to find way out of their current religious beliefs and life problems. It is believed that the dark magic unleash the dark powers that alleviate their feelings and make their lives better. Black magic is kind of magic that works on wicked powers. It is used for spiteful acts or to intentionally harm others in some manner.

Unveiling the secrets of Black Arts

Lady Alice Kyteler
Lady Alice Kyteler

The concept of black magic thrives on hurting someone who hurt you somehow. In the medieval era, black magic was at its pinnacle. It was the most discussed issue among people. Even at that time, black magic was widely practiced but not openly. Open discussions about dark arts were strictly prohibited. People were ruthlessly executed for practicing black magic and this created a raging fear among the common folks about black magic. The black magic thrived and gave rise to various branches, the most significant of them being sorcery, witchcraft, necromancy etc.


The black magic has historically been feared, because of supposed knowledge about the occult. Indeed, in the 13th and 14th century, maximum trials for “witchcraft” that involved deaths attributed to wicked magic were probably caused by poisoning. The famous case of Lady Alice Kyteler in Ireland in 1324 was hyped a lot. She was charged with doing magical rites that involves having sexual intercourse with devil, in order to divine the future.  In this process she poisoned her first three husbands.  Another famous case highlighted in the Malleus Maleficarum in 1486.

Jacob Sprenger
Jacob Sprenger


Jacob Sprenger and Dominicans Heinrich Krämer practiced black magic with a group of witches. As a consequence of their work, witchcraft was considered as a Christian sacrilege for dealing with the Devil.


Black magic involves using of forces to derive energy from universal energy for wicked powers to harm other persons, things or places. Both black magic and white magic runs on negative and positive energies. They both could help or could cause damage. However, it is difficult to influence someone with a powerful personality or strong will-power even with the strong black magic.

Is Black Magic for real?

There is no way to determine whether or not black magic exists. This topic has been debated for a centuries, and people still cannot confirm. There are events that cannot be explained by reasoning, and it is up to you to believe or not in the mystical justifications. After all, still, there exists people who call themselves Wizards and Witches but they do not have warts and hooked noises, nor do they devote themselves in devil worship.


While these days, all the forms of magic are regarded as art of deception, it is believed that during ancient times there genuine sorcery existed. These were cryptic spells and incantations that wizards used to make the impossible things happen. With the magical powers they would change water into blood or animals appear or disappear. They claimed that they could communicate with the spirits or travel into the heavens with magical words.

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