Curious History

Curious History

Vaporizer History – What Is A Dry Herb Vape Pen?

The thought that this century is responsible for the creation of a vaporizer is absolutely absurd. Vaporizers go back many centuries and are used by many civilizations and cultures. In ancient times, people would gather and heat stones then place herbs and seeds on the hot rocks. In turn the air would fill with great aromatic sense.


Through all these centuries, vaporizing has proven to be a positive and healthy practice. Whether using oils, herbal extracts, or other dry herb remedies, vaporizers offer heated products vs burning these same products. Causing many medical difficulties including lung diseases. Dry herb vaporizer offers wonderful perfusion of many aromatic blends while giving the user a much cleaner and healthier experience.


The actual history of vaporizers is somewhat unclear, there are many accounts and hieroglyphs that show vaporizers being used for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians are chronicled in The History of Herodotus (1928). Herodotus is considered the Father of History in recording ancient practices during the 5th century BC. He provided much documentation showing that the Scythia people used hemp seeds. Throwing these seeds onto hot rocks, forming a vapor that was never exceeded even by the Greeks.


Writings show that the Scythian discovered the great joy and delighted from the combinations of hot stones and the remarkable herbs.


Through time and redefining of the original concept, came the eventual invention of the hookah. The hookah dates back approximately 1,000 years in the northwest provinces of India. It is believed they were originally designed using coconut shells. Around 500 years later, the hookah found its way to Turkey and became extremely popular among the upper class and elite. This brought about change and design in size and ornateness. These changes carried through to our own culture in this day and age.


Around the 70s, the modern vaporizer became extremely popular due to its ability to release 80% less tar over a traditional smoking pipe. Unfortunately, due to the passage of anti-paraphernalia laws in the 90s, hookah disappeared.


Enter a Cherokee medicine man named Eagle Bill Amato, the rebirth of the vaporizer was on the horizon. Amato was born in 1942 and was considered the Father of Vapor. His refinement of the hookah/vaporizer leads to hundreds of vapor techniques and designs. Eagle Bill invented the Shake and Vape design that actually dates back to the Ancient Egyptians. He was introduced to vaporizing in California around 1993.


This Shake and Vape design uses indirect heat that forms vapor and releases innumerable aromas. A glass piping depends on the heating at the bottom of the glass bowl using a flame vs a physical flame. This entire concept was originally a Native American design that was known as the Peace Pipe.


Further concepts and developments in Amsterdam changed everything. The home vaporizer was born very shortly thereafter. Smaller styles of mini vape pens were available and crowding the European and North American markets. At some point, Storz and Bickel, the Germans developed a higher-end design that became known as the Volcano Vaporizer. The superior design and quality placed this vaporizer at the top of the list in excellent design. Since its original premiere, the Volcano has gone through many improvements and perfections. Although a little pricier than some vaporizers, this will remain the Rolls Royce of vaporizers.


There have been various knock-offs that have resembled and tried to simulate the Volcano and failed drastically. The Phantom was probably one of the biggest mistakes in vaporizing design. While trying to emulate the Volcano, its design and construction did not use skilled labor and therefore never lived up to the level of perfection that the Volcano has always offered.


As times changed, manufacturers were looking for a more compact version of the Volcano for people on the move who were also demanding great temperature controls and far more affordable than the Volcano.


Many manufacturers from Canada to Europe to the United States have redefined the vape for the ever-changing demands of vapor users. Portable vaporizers, vape pen vaporizers, and smaller mini vaporizers including 510 Threaded Batteries are forever flooding the market for consumer needs.


Consumers have learned that inhaling vapor is a great deal safer than inhaling smoke. Smoke is loaded with many dangerous ingredients, including tar which causes cancer. Vapor is clean, allows for a better substance of herb quality, and is much more cost-efficient. Devices will continue, through technology, to forever change, redesign and perfect the world of vaporizers. The average consumer is moving from location to location, in the course of one day. Convenience is of the utmost importance when it comes to their vaporizing needs. Technology has progressed in every aspect of our lives, why would it stop at the newest, coolest vaporizer?

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