Curious History

Curious History

How water heaters came into existence?

Before the invention of the water heater, people used to heat water in a container on the stove or above an open fire. They used to fill the water physically in a tub for bathing or any other purposes. It was time consuming and an uphill struggle. For the past 100 years or above, we have been making uses of the water heating technology for getting water heating.

History of the Water Heater

There are many assumptions about the real inventor of the water heater. Some theories say it was the Romans, some say it was Benjamin Waddy Maughan while some also say it was Edmund Rudd. Overall, it appears like invention of the automated water heater was a collection of a few inventors over decades.

Quick facts about water heater invention:

306 AD: Romans had large baths facilitated with heated water, whereas these were not considered as real water heaters, but can be regarded as a pioneer work for water heating.

1868: An English painter Benjamin Waddy Maughan patented the first water heater. This was very first residential water heater, which used natural gases for heating the water. The heater did not have a flue for the ventilation of gas vapors, so it was unsafe to use in households.

1889: Edmund Rudd took inspiration from Waddy Maughan water heater and took forward his design by including additional safety features. This was the initial step towards the invention of modern water heater.

1990: 1990 eras is considered as golden period for water heater inventions. Many designs of water heaters were postulated by various people. It was the period when electric water heater, solar water heater and gas water heater came into existence.

Present: Today, we are just required to turn on the switch of water heater and hot water directly come in taps, shower, bathtub, sink, and basin etc. This is not a miracle but advancement of technology. Now, many big brands are offering oodles of water heaters and every heater have some distinctive feature of its own.

Technology has made our life much easier. Use technology effectively and install energy efficient water heater at your premises. Save energy, save planet and save life!

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