Curious History

Curious History

NCAA Tournament History: The 2010 Cinderella Teams Made The Middle Rounds Less Interesting

The 2010 March Madness, who didn’t love it? The best teams in the country played head-to-head and gave it all each and every game. Every year this is a common theme in the tournament, big upsets and that was especially true in 2010.

These upsets have made the tournament what it is today. Everyone likes to root for the underdog and see the little guy pull out a victory. It’s boring to expect the expected, but sometimes the expected is what is needed. Upsets in the NCAA tournament can equate to some later round match-ups that don’t turn out to be very good games to watch. Back in 2010 the tournament showed just that.

The 2010 NCAA tournament was one of the craziest ever. The very first game of the tournament that year went into double overtime (BYU 99 – Florida 92) and the first four games were decided by a total of 12 points. There were four major ( a 10+ see beating a 5 or higher seed) upsets so far in the tournament; Ohio over Georgetown, Saint Mary’s over Villanova, Washington over New Mexico and Murray State over Vanderbilt. Out of these four teams that were able to overcome all odds and defeat their Goliath, how many played in the Elite 8? Zero.

After overcoming adversity, you would think that these teams would be pumped and give their next opponent the game of their lives. This is not the case. Ohio fell to Tennessee by 15, Washington loses by 12 and Saint Mary’s got trounced by a whopping 23 points and were down by double digits for 32 minutes of the game; not the games most are looking to watch, unless you are a fan of the winning team. Murray State was the lone exception, the Racers were able to keep it close with the Butler Bulldogs but fell to the score of 54-52. The 2010 Cinderella teams did more than put on horrendous performances after their upset, they allow other teams to advance through the tournament with ease.

Baylor University has yet to play a team higher than 10th see that year. Their tournament schedule included: #14 Sam Houston State, #11 Old Dominion, and # 10 Saint Mary’s. The Bears had one of the easiest first three game in tournament history (ranking-wise) and it is hard to say they deserve to be in the Elite 8. The 2010 March Madness was all about expect the unexpected.

If by any change you wanted to replay the entire 2010 tournament, you can head over to Youtube and do a search for “2010 march madness live stream.” You should get a ton of video results featuring many of the high profile games for that year. Another way to search for past tournament games is to do a google search.

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