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Curious History

Hair and History: Why Hair Is Important to Women

Throughout the history, hair had significance in women’s life. It is directly associated with beauty and youthfulness of women. Every woman craves for long, shiny, straight and smooth hair. The hair smoothening treatments are not new. There is a deep relationship between women’s hair and self-confidence. Women from all corners of the world have been trying various ways to get silky smooth hair for a long period of time.

Why hair is important to women

Hair is an emblem of femininity. During wars when women were not go to battles, many of female soldiers cut off their hair to disguise as men. Even during the Battle of France, heads of French women were shaved to punish them for their romantic relationships with Germans. This is the reason why, hair represents femininity.

It’s no wonder that hair is “crowning glory” for women. This is the saying since Biblical times. As per the Corinthians – “for a woman, if her hair is abundant, it is a glory to her and hair is given to her for a covering. “ Even the negative implication of shaved head is there in Corinthian texts –“any woman, who prophesies or prays with uncovered head, dishonors her head.” Thus, hair used to be an identity of women.

Hair is symbol of the beauty since a long time. Women with long and straight hair were considered beautiful. In ancient times, steam and natural oils were used for keeping hair straight, shiny and smooth.  This is the reason why queens and princesses used to have the handmaidens for hairstyling. The handmaidens used to style the hair using flowers and hair accessories. There were different hairstyles with different attires. Even in the limited resources, princesses and queens used to have eye catchy hairstyles.

Hair and hairstyle portrayed the symbol of liberation as well. Women used to cut their hair to display liberation. In fact, when female soldiers and communists chop their hair off in China, the bob haircut was termed as the “liberation hairstyle”. Women can speak a lot via their hair and hairstyle. Hair is one of the assets for women.

Today, beauty and hair is a multi-million dollar industry. A lot of hair products, hair accessories, jewelries and hair treatments are available to enhance the natural beauty of the hair. There are hair salons, hair color studios and hair spas opened everywhere to fulfill the needs and requirements of different hair types.

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