Curious History

Curious History

Influence of Princess Diana on World Fashion

Some people have had a great impact on fashion history and Princess Diana was one of them. This royal princess wore super stylish dresses, kept stunning hairstyles, wore designer sunglasses and when it comes to jewelries they were more than precious. Each and every look of this princess was acclaimed by the press and the public.


Princess Diana and her fashion sense


The confidence and style made Diana an international fashion icon. She was glamorous, she was elegant, and she had her own fashion sense. The dresses she wore, the makeup she used and the jewelries she carried were totally different from Royal trends as well as fashion trends of that time. Thus her fashion sense impacted a lot on world’s fashion.


Iconic style of Princess Diana

The charismatic personality of Princess Diana became even more adorable in the kind of dresses she opted to wear. Whether it was gown, casual or traditional attire, Diana managed to look picture perfect. Her dressing sense was so good that even today her dresses worth millions.


Princesses Diana’s choice in footwear was deluxe. Her footwear choice was not only beautiful but they always remained in sync with her dresses, her makeup and of course they were luxury. Diana preferred high heels pumps, laced flats and sometimes sport shoes.


Hairstyle and makeup were important part of Princess Diana personality. She used to properly take care of her skin and hair. For public appearance she used to apply thick layer of foundation and then do makeup on it. She loved to wear blue eyeliner which matched with her eyes. She was flexible about trying new looks and colors! After all it is all about experimenting.


It was the hairstyle which distinguished Diana from the rest. Her hairstyle became popular hairstyle of 1980s and 1990s. She never altered her blond hair but she colored her hair with the different shades of the blonde.


When it comes to accessories and jewelries, Diana have had it all. She loved flaunting diamonds and other precious stones. And with casual attire, she was often found with stylish sunglasses. Her sense of fashion was amazingly beautiful.

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