Curious History

Curious History

Tallest Female Identical Twins Who led Virginia’s Women’s Basketball Team

Heather and Heidi Burge are renowned name in the world of professional basketball. In 1991, these girls led the Virginia’s women basketball team in NCAA tournament. Heather and Heidi Burge hold the Guinness Book of Record of being tallest female identical twins living on Earth. At the age of 19 they have attained 6-feet-5 height. Both Heather and Heidi are superb basketball players.

Women’s Basketball

Burge sisters are from California, US. They represented University of Virginia in college level basketball tournaments. Then they started playing for European leagues and in the Women’s National Basketball Association. After college they took separate ways and both played for different teams. In the WNBA, Heidi Burge represented the Washington Mystics and the Los Angeles Sparks. While Heather Burge played for the Sacramento Monarchs. Both Heather and Heidi had to retire from basketball because of injuries.

During 1990’s Heather and Heidi Burge have become the inspiration for girls and diverted the attention of girls toward basketball. Both basketball career and personal lives of twin professional basketball players was so interesting that Disney made a film called double teamed on their life. Let’s discuss some interesting facts about Heather Burge and Heidi Burge.

Heidi Burge

Heidi Burge was born on born November 11, 1971 (and so Heather Burge). Heidi was not interested in basketball; she wants to make her career in volleyball. But once her school coach insisted her to try basketball, she tried it and enjoyed it. Heidi’s presence totally transformed the school’s basketball team and she (and her sister) won several championships for the team. Both Heidi and Heather got basketball scholarship from University of Virginia and they started playing for University of Virginia. From 1989 to 1993 Heidi played for University of Virginia. Now, Heidi works as a massage therapist and also provides basketball coaching.

Heather Burge

Heather Burge was star of women basketball during 90’s. She was too dedicated towards sports and obviously the best player of Sacramento Monarchs team. Her habits were totally different from her sister Heidi. Even though they studied in same school and college, they had different friend circles. Now, she is working as multilingual teacher in Southern California.

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