Curious History

Curious History

The Heartbreaking History of Divorce…..!

While divorce possibly does not have the same disgrace associated with it as it once had, the divorce is still a sensitive topic in many parts of the world. Indeed,  divorce attorneys  make a lot of efforts to make divorce ... Read More

Life Before Air Conditioning Was Not a Breeze!

Today, life gets suffocating when the air conditioning unit does not work properly for one day. But have you ever imagined how life used to be before the invention of air conditioners? Yes, there might not be any trouble of  HVAC ... Read More

How Bounce Houses Started

Inflatable Bouncy Houses Bounce houses or inflatable structures were first designed in 1959 by John Scurlock, a mechanical engineer in Louisiana when he saw some of his employees jumping on the inflatable covers for tennis courts. He was a pioneer ... Read More

Shocking Beauty Secrets From Ancient World History

There is something mysterious about ancient beauty secrets that lure modern world. No matter how much technological advancements human race make, the charm of Greek hairstyles , ancient Egyptians beauty tricks, ancient Indian dresses and Chinese accessories is still irresistible. ... Read More

Gold in Human History

The history of gold is as fascinating as the precious metal itself. Human civilizations would have indeed taken on a different path if it was not for Gold as gold it was precious metal s such as gold and silver ... Read More
Horrors of Early Dentistry

Despite the fact that the first successful organ transplant was performed in 1954, organ transplantation…

History of American gangsters

The American Mafia was an organized crime web that operated across the United States, especially…

U.S. Presidential history

Departing the traditional monarchical system of Britain, the founding fathers of U.S. constitution drafted a system where the American citizen had the responsibility and power…

The History of Real Estate Brokers

The history of the men and women selling real estate is dependent upon the country where they ply their trades.  In the United States, real estate brokers began presenting houses for sale around 1900, and they have continued to today.  In countries like Australia, the ... Read More
History of Black and White Vintage Photography

History of Black and White Vintage Photography

Throughout the history of photography black and white vintage photography provides a distinct view of the world through the camera’s lens.  Black and white vintage photography presents what street photographers consider the real world where a decisive moment occurs.  Instead of being cluttered and confused ... Read More

An innovative history of shoulder replacement surgery- a legacy to be followed for centuries

The 21st century has seen the uplift of modern medical surgery methods as well as in treatments of critical diseases. But some procedures like shoulder replacement surgeries , medically known as shoulder arthroplasty was a discovery of the bygone era which has been continued as ... Read More

Wickedly Haunted Wedding Venues

Light bulbs turning ON-OFF automatically! Chandeliers swaying in empty rooms! Giggling sound of children around pool area! Humming voice of a woman audible in hall! Sound of footsteps on staircase! Seems like nightmares, right? But there are wedding venues, which are actually haunted. If you ... Read More
Street Photography

History of Street Photography

In order to understand the history of street photography, it is vital to know what street photography is.  Street photography is a discipline that captures everyday life in a candid manner as the subjects are strangers without knowledge of being photographed.  This unawareness allows the ... Read More

Advent of the fireplaces and chimneys from times immemorial

Whenever any household from the bygone era comes to our mind, the most dynamic corner of the house remains the fireplace. The history of the fireplace is as fascinating as the discovery of fire itself. When we think about the first technological invention, the discovery ... Read More

The story behind evolution of tents

Tents are portable structures made up of different fabrics. They are used in outdoor activities like trekking, mountaineering, or jungle safari. Earlier tents were mostly used by soldiers and farmers for their nature of work. Tents are still common among different nomadic clans as well ... Read More

The ancient Indian fat-busters

In today's world, obesity is a severe problem, plaguing the human race.  Thus, people are turning towards weight loss supplements and formulas to maintain their weight. Have you ever wondered how people managed a healthy body weight and stayed fit in the ancient days? The ... Read More

Five weird divorce cases from the past

Wedding is probably the most critical decision that the two persons who want to be together, ever take about their lives; likewise, preparing mentally for legal separation agreements is the perhaps the most difficult decision for the couple. Divorce and associated statistics Divorce is never ... Read More

Horrors of Early Dentistry

Despite the fact that the first successful organ transplant was performed in 1954, organ transplantation is not a novelty. Rather, it is an intriguing subject that has been around for years. Field of dentistry has witnessed remarkable breakthroughs during the past centuries. If you fear ... Read More