Curious History

Curious History

Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets of Queen Cleopatra!

Have you ever wondered about the timeless beauty of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra? Have you ever imagined how Cleopatra had perfectly straight hair during ancient period (obviously,  hair straightening treatments  didn’t exist during 70 BC)? Or are you interested to know ... Read More

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre: Bloodbath in public garden

From centuries, Indians enthusiastically celebrate Baishakhi festival to enjoy the Spring harvest. But who knows the Baishakhi of 1919 will turn into a bloodbath. This gruesome incident occurred when India was ruled by British. One of the worst massacres of ... Read More

The concept to lithography printing technique

Lithography is a method and an art of printing that demonstrates the idea that oil and water do not mix because the process is basically putting writing or designs on stone with a greasy material. Lithographers made use of zinc ... Read More

Evolution of Cleaning

Before technology became an integral part of our everyday lives, people had to be imaginative and innovative to get their work done. As water was necessary for living, early people used to live near water and very quickly found out ... Read More

From Rome to United States, history of backyard stone patios

History of backyard patios Stone patios , a substantial space included in the houses, originated in the atrium of the ancient Roman villas. Thanks to the Romans, water was incorporated in patios and it was the Arabic that changed the ... Read More
Horrors of Early Dentistry

Despite the fact that the first successful organ transplant was performed in 1954, organ transplantation…

History of American gangsters

The American Mafia was an organized crime web that operated across the United States, especially…

U.S. Presidential history

Departing the traditional monarchical system of Britain, the founding fathers of U.S. constitution drafted a system where the American citizen had the responsibility and power…

Tent Rentals

The story behind evolution of tents

Tents are portable structures made up of different fabrics. They are used in outdoor activities like trekking, mountaineering, or jungle safari. Earlier tents were mostly used by soldiers and farmers for their nature of work. Tents are still common among different nomadic clans as well ... Read More

The ancient Indian fat-busters

In today's world, obesity is a severe problem, plaguing the human race.  Thus, people are turning towards weight loss supplements and formulas to maintain their weight. Have you ever wondered how people managed a healthy body weight and stayed fit in the ancient days? The ... Read More

The evolution of plantation shutters

Plantation shutters or plantation blinds as they are commonly known have a history that dates back to ancient Greece. The population of these structures might have attracted consumer eyes in the recent century due to their unique design and finish, but their use can be ... Read More

Five weird divorce cases from the past

Wedding is probably the most critical decision that the two persons who want to be together, ever take about their lives; likewise, preparing mentally for legal separation agreements is the perhaps the most difficult decision for the couple. Divorce and associated statistics Divorce is never ... Read More

Horrors of Early Dentistry

Despite the fact that the first successful organ transplant was performed in 1954, organ transplantation is not a novelty. Rather, it is an intriguing subject that has been around for years. Field of dentistry has witnessed remarkable breakthroughs during the past centuries. If you fear ... Read More

History of the most horrific earthquake on Christmas day

Christmas is a happy day, but this wasn’t the case in Andalucia , Spain on 25th December 1884. The day began just like any other Christmas day. The people were excited to enjoy the forthcoming festivities with friends and family. Severe damage At eight minutes past ... Read More
black magic

The Dark Secrets Of Black Magic and Satanic Witchcraft

Darker energies always seem to be created during darker times. The history of black magic proves that when people were not satisfied with their lives, they can become vengeful and seek help from dark powers. Black magic is one of the most powerful spiritual forces ... Read More

Gruesome Crimes In History That Make You Squirm

Crime...Criminals... Criminal lawyers ...are not new concepts. There happened brutal and gruesome crimes throughout the history of mankind. No matter how many laws were enforced, how strict punishments were assigned, and how diligent police officers existed, crime remained an uncontrollable part of life. And it ... Read More

History of American gangsters

The American Mafia was an organized crime web that operated across the United States, especially in Chicago and New York. This crime group rose to power by doing illegal alcohol business during the Prohibition era of 1920. After that the gangsters expanded their criminal endeavors, ... Read More

Hair and History: Why Hair Is Important to Women

Throughout the history, hair had significance in women’s life. It is directly associated with beauty and youthfulness of women. Every woman craves for long, shiny, straight and smooth hair. The hair smoothening treatments are not new. There is a deep relationship between women’s hair and ... Read More