Curious History

24 October, 2017
Curious History

The Folklore of All Hallows

Halloween Celebrations Of Old Come October 31 and we all gather to  prepare a party All Hallows' Evening or as we all like to call it, Halloween. Its origin lies in the ancient Celtic festival called Samhain (pronounced as sah-ween) ... Read More

Life Before Air Conditioning Was Not a Breeze!

Today, life gets suffocating when the air conditioning unit does not work properly for one day. But have you ever imagined how life used to be before the invention of air conditioners? Yes, there might not be any trouble of  HVAC ... Read More

The Curious Tradition of Wedding Chimney Sweeps

Americans have not heard about the interesting stories of the wedding  chimney sweeps . In Europe, chimney sweeps are specially invited at the wedding ceremonies and they kiss the bride and shake hand with the groom. Chimney sweeps are regarded as bearers ... Read More

What Drove Early Man Move Across The Globe?

Yes, moving is not a new thing, even early man had migrated across the globe. In fact, migration was the reason behind the discoveries of various continents of the world. But why did early man move from place to place? Why ... Read More

The hair-raising tale of hair straighteners

Straight hair popularity Long and straight hair has been popular since ancient Egypt. The earliest proof of hair straightening can be attributed to Parisian Marcel Grateau who invented a heated rod in 1872 with metallic teeth. But in 1906 Simon ... Read More

Wickedly Haunted Wedding Venues

Light bulbs turning ON-OFF automatically! Chandeliers swaying in empty rooms! Giggling sound of children around pool area! Humming voice of a woman audible in hall! Sound of footsteps on staircase! Seems like nightmares, right? But there are wedding venues, which are actually haunted. If you want to tie knot at…

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History of American gangsters

The American Mafia was an organized crime web that operated across the United States, especially…

Historical Origins of the Doula

Doulas provide labor support to women undergoing childbirth.  The term “doula” was developed in the…

U.S. Presidential history

Departing the traditional monarchical system of Britain, the founding fathers of U.S. constitution drafted a system where the American citizen had the responsibility and power…

A Captivating Story of Wedding Gowns

Traditional White Wedding Dresses Wedding ceremonies are a symbol of love and commitment between the couples, but in ancient times it was more like a business venture. Wedding gowns selected by the bride's family represented their wealth and status. Sometimes they stitched their jewels on ... Read More

A Historical Slice of the Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Designs Since ancient times, weddings have never been complete without cakes. The ancient Roman wedding ceremony would culminate with a food fight where breaking a wheat or barley cake on the bride's head was considered as a sign of good fortune. The newlyweds ... Read More

A Little Plumbing History – Where it began and where it is now

Oh, the miracle of modern day plumbing, you can turn on your tap and instantly have running water delivered at your command. Hot water for showers, cold water for drinking, and even room temp water can be attained with a mere turn of the wrist. ... Read More

A Tradition Of Prom Nights

Prom night is when curfews are broken, limousines are taken for a fun ride, girls dressed in colorful gowns and boys in ill-fitting tux pose for pictures they will remember for the rest of their lives. A prom, short for promenade, was a simple banquet ... Read More

All About Basketball Camps

The Evolution of Basketball Camp The YMCA institutions in the US first understood the significance of imparting physical education to young boys to help in their overall development. They also found that YMCAs that had introduced sports to their program did well. Therefore, YMCA gave ... Read More

Ancient cure for allergies and asthma

Allergies and asthma have become a household name. We have read about King Menses of Egypt dying after a wasp sting; Roman Emperor Claudius's son was allergic to horse and how King Henry III ate strawberries and put Lord William Hastings to death. So, how ... Read More

Ancient Egyptian Air Conditioner over 4,000 Years Old

Ancient Egyptians during the Old Kingdom (2600 BC) buried two ships near the Great Pyramid of Pharaoh Cheops and the ships are known as “Khufu ships”, “Cheops ships” or “Solar ships.” When these Cheops ship is excavated, it is found that the ship has fly ... Read More

Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets of Queen Cleopatra!

Have you ever wondered about the timeless beauty of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra? Have you ever imagined how Cleopatra had perfectly straight hair during ancient period (obviously,  hair straightening treatments  didn’t exist during 70 BC)? Or are you interested to know about the secret behind picture ... Read More

Ancient Humans Left Evidence Of The Party That Happened 4,000 Years Ago

It’s not just you and your friends who  rent party supplies  for a grand celebration. Ancient humans also used to party hard. Researchers of University of Missouri have found the residues of the party in the Fox Temple on the Buena Vista site (located in ... Read More

Ancient Indian treatment for Arthritis Pain…!

Your joints may be inflamed, achy or stiff because of osteoarthritis—but the treatment which you take to reduce joint pain may cause serious side effects to other parts of your body! Have you ever heard about ancient Indian treatments for arthritis? Ayurvedic treatment for Arthritis ... Read More