Curious History

Curious History

The Untold Story Of Electronic Music’s Female DJs

Yes, you heard right. The term female DJ is not a new thing, but this term is not common as well. Whenever you hire dj services, you expect a male DJ to come and rock your party. Well, female DJs are equally skilled and they can create ground shaking music.

The Rise Of Female DJs…….!

Female DJs have a long history. Women have always been an important part of the history of music and dance. If you think that women were just used as the vocalists or dancers in the past, then you are absolutely wrong. Many women produced their own tunes and played them during festivals and clubs.

By the late 1990s, many women entered in the male dominated DJ industry. The female DJs like DJ Rap and DJ Sandra were well known names during 90s. So, let’s take a go back and know about a few of the women who got name and fame in the DJ industry.

Female DJs you can’t afford to be clueless about

DJ Rap

History of female DJs will be incomplete without DJ Rap. She was a very popular DJ during late 1990s. In 1999, she rocked the audience at the inauguration ceremony of Coachella’s event. Even Billboard praised her DJing talent.

DJ Heather

This Chicago based DJ got name and fame in the entire country. She was very famous for her art of mixing genres. Her career reached at zenith in 1997, when Chicago Tribune published her article – ‘the rise of female DJs’.

Sandra Collins

Sandra Collins needs no introduction as she was a rocking DJ during 1990. She played in many music festivals in New York City. Sandra’s dance music gave her reorganization. Sandra was the DJ whose name burst on the Melrose Avenue’s flyer. Cream and Perfecto are 2 dance music CD’s from Sandra Collins, which gained a lot of popularity.

Annie Mac

Annie Mac is rocking in DJing since 2004. This Irish girl has emerged out as one of the most important tastemakers of dance music. Her Friday night show on Radio 1 still entertains more than 1 million listeners.

These are a few scintillating names of female DJ’s from history. So, next time whenever you think about hiring a party dj, give a try to female DJs.

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