Curious History

Curious History

The Musical History of the Disc Jockey

Back in the 19th century the term disc jockey came into existence. Although “DJ” has a vague and mainly controversial historical background, it is said that Ray Newby of California became the first ever party DJ of this Universe in 1910. He was a college student and became DJ at the age of 16. He used a small transmitter device to play music.

How DJ’s came into existence?

DJing haven’t stopped after 1910, it became more popular in the era of 1930’s. The first DJ party was hosted by Jimmy Savile in 1943 created a lot of buzz in the music cosmos. Savile enthralled his party guests by playing jazz records. Then in 1947 world’s first disco “Whiskey A Go-Go” opened in Paris.

Know about DJ

In the era of 1950’s DJing stared gaining even more popularity, radio DJs stared hosting sock hops for kids all over the nation. DJs used huge PA systems for playing musical beats. During this period DJ became integrated part of high profile dance parties. And DJs were referred as party entertainers. Also, trend of Discos began sprawling all around the United States and Europe. The trend of new DJing equipment like mixer and Francis Grasso also came into existence. Such equipment has made music more exciting, more fun and louder.

In 1973, the blend of hip-hop and electronic music created by DJs became so much popular among youngsters. This gave rise to many dance clubs in which DJs use to give live performance and play music all night. Later in 1975 DJ named Grand Wizard Theodore coincidently discovered the scratching method where a DJ can moves the record up and down from hand on the needle and warp the sound.

In 1980’s craze of DJing was at zenith, at this time heavy electronic music became heart and soul of parties and events. Also, amalgamation of technology with music took DJing to the next level. In 1990’s DJing became a rage. Digitalization of music provided a celebrity status to DJs and hence called celebrity DJ. Electronic music became the sensation and Mp3 format songs began to bleed. And……… Till now party DJs are entertaining people and this trend is going to last for centuries.

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