Curious History

Curious History

The glorifying story of Wood Flooring

Just like everything else in the home, flooring also had simple starting. Only the wealthy people have had time and money to think about flooring.

Take sneak peek over wood floor inception

Prior to wood local stones was common flooring material! After that wood floor came into existence. Royal folks were the pioneer whom took pleasure of the comforts offered by of wood floors. There are evidences that first wood floors were hand-made. The workers who manufactured these floors would have put down uneven hand-hewn timbers and utilize hand tools for smoothing the wooden surface, before carrying them in sand. The floor workers had to rub the floors with their hands until their surfaces become perfectly smooth.

A brief history of Wood Flooring

At the early time, manufacturing of wood floor was exhausting work that is why only the richest sect of the society could afford them. However, during the Colonial Era i.e. 1607 to 1780, the wood plank flooring became accessible to the masses. This was the era when the warmth and resiliency of wood floor felt by common Americans.

From 1800 to 1945 wood floors became easily obtainable and installation of wood floor was not an arduous task. The simple patterns in the flooring also commenced in the market. Due to easy availability, reduced price and royal appearance, wood were regarded as king of flooring. The maximum number of homeowners preferred wood flooring over tile and linoleum floor of their living room and bedroom. However, in bathrooms and kitchens, tile floor were still popular.

After World War II hardwood flooring had to face declination of over two decades. This is because synthetic fibers arrived in flooring trend which made carpentry cheaper and hardwood OUTDATED. Until 1990s, wood floor remained out of flooring trends and failed to re-build its reputation again. But after 90’s beginning of engineered wood floors give a new life to wood and also opened the doors for wooden flooring. Again, homeowners started taking interest in the wood flooring.

Now, people understand about the divine presence and timeless beauty of wood flooring. And wood floors are still adorning the interiors of modern homes.

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