Curious History

Curious History

Who invented the first car?

The history behind the invention of the car is very convoluted, and pinpointing who exactly invented the first car is not an easy matter. Automobile invention has rich history and dates back to the 15th century when Leonardo da Vinci created the designs and models for transportation vehicles. However, Karl Benz was the first who patented 3-wheeled motorcar model in 1886.

Long History of Automobiles

History has seen various types of automobiles- steam, gasoline, electric– as well as plenty of styles. The old cars used to be very different from each other, as different brains developed the different types of car models from different parts of the world. Take sneak peek over the timeline of prominent automobile inventions:

1769– Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot of France invented a steam propelled vehicle. It is basically a 3-wheeled military tractor.

1832– Robert Anderson of Scotland invented an Electric carriage.

1886– Karl Friedrich Benz of Germany patented the first automobile operated by the gasoline and powered by internal combustion engine.

1886– Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach of Germany invented a four stroke gasoline engine known as Cannstatt-Daimler engine.

1893– Charles Edgar Duryea and Frank Edgar Duryea of United States invented the first successful gas power car with two stroke motor.

1895– George Baldwin Selden of United States invented a carriage powered by gasoline and operated via internal combustion.

All about the first car

Karl Benz motorcar was the first modern and patented automobile of the world. Benz even patented the spark plugs design, throttle system, water radiator model, gear shifters, carburetor and other parts of the automobile. Eventually, Benz started an automobile company that still exists as the Daimler Group.

The Karl Benz’s car created a lot of buzz in automotive news. It was basically a 2-seater car with high speed single cylinder 2-stroke engine installed on the tabular steel frame, and 3 wires spoke wheels. In the year 1988, the Benz upgraded the car. Then Karl Benz’s wife Bertha Benz and his two sons Eugen and Richard embarked the first long distance journey on an August day in 1888. It is the first recorded long distance journey of the automobile history.

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