Curious History

Curious History

Persian rugs: The only practical pieces of fine art

No investment grows in beauty as it ages, but Persian rugs are exception. To trace the antiquity of Iranian rugs is like monitoring the growth of one of the paramount civilizations that the world has ever known. From being merely articles of necessity, as divine and simple as floor entrance covering to signs of wealth or adornment in royal buildings, this piece of fine art has seen everything.

A brief history of Persian Carpet….

The art of carpet weaving originated in Iran more than 2,500 years ago. The Persians were among the pioneer carpet weavers. The natural development of the weaving skill involved in the making of carpet has been passed down from one generation to another over the eras throughout peace, invasion and war. As international trade flourished, the variety of design patterns of carpet also grew. That is why Persians have now achieved a superlative degree of excellence in ingenuity and creativity in the art of carpet weaving.

The evolution of the Persian rugs can be seen in conjunction with the various kingdoms of the country throughout time. In 539 BC, when Cyrus the Great occupied Babylon, he was struck by its splendor and many researchers accredited him for introducing the carpet making art into Persia. It is popular belief that the tomb of Cyrus the Great, (who was buried at Pasargadae) was shielded with precious Persian carpets. Even before Cyrus’s era, Persian wanderers used carpets having basic designs in their own homes for protections. Their herds of goats and sheep provided them with supreme quality wool that they used for weaving the carpet.

Persian carpets now…

Even now in Persian carpets are the most treasured possessions of famous buildings, palaces, rich homes and museums. Still, these rugs are capable of providing a rich and royal look. Although Persian rugs are now available in oodles of colors, shapes, sizes, materials and pattern, they offer same class and beauty that they used to offer in the ancient times. However, now Persian carpets are available at affordable rates and it is possible to take bliss of (purchase) this antique art from any part of the world.

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