Curious History

Curious History

The ancient Indian fat-busters

In today’s world, obesity is a severe problem, plaguing the human race.  Thus, people are turning towards weight loss supplements and formulas to maintain their weight. Have you ever wondered how people managed a healthy body weight and stayed fit in the ancient days? The answer is natural ingredients, which shrinks the fat cells and improves the overall health of an individual.


The bliss of Ayurveda:


Ayurveda can be defined as the science and art of life, which was an indispensable part of ancient medical practices of India. The fundamental concept of Ayurveda is to achieve a balance of the health elements, which are responsible for the harmony of the body and mind by releasing the harmful toxins from the body. The fat cells keep accumulating and thereby keep increasing the body weight of a person due to stress, pollution, and improper diet. The ayurvedic practises aim at boosting up the metabolism and digestive system of an individual, in order to burn the stubborn fat and energize your body throughout the day.

The power of six:


The traditional Ayurveda recommends the presence of the six forms of tastes in every meal, to fill the stomach, boost up the digestive system and burn off the fat. Needless to say, that the elements are sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, salty and astringent. This is the underlying reason, why the Indians are fond of curries, which is a fine blend of all the six tastes. The role of a healthy diets for weight loss and maintenance, cannot be understated; and even if you are not fond of the spicy Indian curries, you may consider using the ingredients like cumin, coriander, fennel, ginger etc.  in your regular diet, so as to maintain your body weight.

The usage of Triphala:

Triphala was a powerful ayurvedic formula, prepared from the extracts of the herbs amlaki, bibhataki, and haritaki.  The three ingredients were known to cleanse the colon and detoxify the body promoting overall health and well-being of an individual. According to the ancient masters, the essential herbs of Triphala stimulated the intestine and improved the digestive system of an individual. Over the ages, it has been considered to be a powerful fat buster, with proven anti-inflammatory properties. Today one can find the herbal supplements prepared from these herbs available across the online stores, which claim to deliver guaranteed results without any side effects.


Ayurvedic massages to reduce fats:


According to the ancient Indian practices, massing was also considered to be an essential component of weight loss. The Ayurvedic massage technique which was referred to as “garshana,” improved the blood circulation of the body by the aid of herbal oil massage. The masseurs used to massage over the body in circular motions, with a silk cloth, which detoxified the body, improved the lymphatic drainage and fluid circulation and reduced the cellulitis. As a result, the person felt energized and rejuvenated after the sessions. Regular massage sessions with or without oil also had additional benefits like strengthening the body muscles and tissues, reducing the risks of injuries and increasing the flexibility of the body.

Even though there is very little documentation of the facts, many people have acknowledged the benefits of the ancient Ayurveda and are still relying on these techniques to stay healthy and maintain their body weight.

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