Curious History

Curious History

The divine history of Weddings

The tradition of hosting wedding party is not at all new. Each and every ceremony of a wedding, right from the engagement to the honeymoon, has divine historical evidences. This is the reason why people do not hesitate in spending on wedding clothes, jewelry, food and wedding rentals.

History of wedding

From the era of Adam and Eve, the relation between a man and a woman has been exclusive. God created companionship between Adam and Eve for completing each other. Marriages have cultural roots and religious beliefs for thousands of years. This is what makes a wedding so special, so divine and the strongest affinity of this entire UNIVERSE.

History celebrated the unification of man and women. No matter, these man and woman were king-queen or commoners, marriage is always been a beautiful happening in every sect, community and religion. In 18th Century the marriages turned out to be a sacred and holy act. After 18th Century weddings were no longer looked as the union of a man and a woman, but the union of man, woman and god. Marriage became bound to the spiritual doctrines.

The Wedding Party

Wedding word is derived from Anglo-Saxon “wed”. The wed was the security kept by the families of the groom and bride when the betrothal was approved between the both the families. Then the wedding was the name assigned to the nuptials followed during the wedding functions.

From the 1800 until now the marriage has been believed as one of the most pure form of relationships on the earth. It is a beginning of a new phase of life for the bride and groom and it needs a plenty of effort to maintain the bliss and pleasure of marriage to persist through the years.

It is really very attention-grabbing to take sneak peek over the history of weddings, but it is even more imperative to become aware about what wedding meant to you and your life partner. This is a moment for the both of you to start a new phase of life with mutual consent. Take the time to discuss regarding what marriage actually means to both of you. You should not merely plan about organizing wedding function with the help of party rental company but about your visions about wedding.

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