Curious History

Curious History

You won’t believe these hairstyles were popular in 1920

1920’s hairstyles

Hairstyles of the 1920s created more controversy in the hair styling cosmos of the world as compared to any other era of American culture. The hairstyle called as the bob, was the center of this debate. This hairstyle bought a revolution in the manner in which the women kept their hair. Bob hairstyle was named after Castle Bob- a ballroom dancer. She cut her hair for convenience and this convenience triggered a new revolution in the hair fashion of 20th century. It was the first rage of hairstyling. Initially, the bob hairstyle was simply a blunt haircut of ear length all around the head.

Apart from bob cut, there were many bad and good hairstyles in 20th century which made their niche in hair fashion. Some of them appear funny now, while many of them still exist in fashion. Take a sneak peek over them.

Popular Hairstyles of the Roaring 1920

#1: The Earphone: 1920’s school girls wore this hairstyle. Basically, two buns were made at the both sides of the head, which looked like the modern earphones.

#2: The Shingle: It was an advance version of bob style. It became popular in 1923 and recently Katie Holmes wore this hairstyle, gracefully.

#3: Marcel Wave: Marcel Wave cut was introduced by French hairstylist Marcel Grateau. It gave start to hair curling. Hot iron rode is used to flip hair upside down.

#4: Finger Waves: Waves are made with fingers and finger waving lotion is used. The finger holds hair section down and hair is combed backward. (Yes, hair gel existed in 1920’s!) Pop stars like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift still make this hairstyle.

#5: Eton Crop: Eton Crop was the shortest hairstyle of 1920’s era. This hairstyle was previously worn by boys of prestigious schools of London. Such hairstyle makes boys look decent, but make women look stylish.

#6: Chignon: This hairstyle is for long hairs. In this hairstyle, long hair is beautifully tied in bun and the best part is that bun is kept around the neck, allowing women to sleep comfortably. Bobby pins were used to tie the bun.

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