Curious History

Curious History

Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets of Queen Cleopatra!

Have you ever wondered about the timeless beauty of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra? Have you ever imagined how Cleopatra had perfectly straight hair during ancient period (obviously, hair straightening treatments didn’t exist during 70 BC)? Or are you interested to know about the secret behind picture perfect eyes of Queen Cleopatra? Well, if so then read on. This post is going to reveal each and every beauty secret of Queen Cleopatra.

Egyptian beauty secrets of Cleopatra Revealed!

The Ancient Egyptians were passionate about body care, makeup, good looks and anti-aging remedies. Cleopatra was known not only for her mystical life, but also for her exquisite and grace.

For centuries people had admired the beauty of Cleopatra. But, you possibly know that no one can be like that without using some magical beauty secrets. She had some of the most astonishing and practical beauty routines. Take a sneak peek over them.

Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets

Milk Bath: Cleopatra routine included milk bath. She used to take a bath in the milk of young donkeys, along with almond oil and fresh honey. This milk bath nourished her skin from deep inside. Well, if you want, you can also try this milk treatment. You can replace donkey milk with cow milk.

Grape facial: In order to get over-tanned skin, Queen Cleopatra used to take green grapes facial. You can also try this beauty hack at home. Just crush green grapes in grinder and mix grape pulp with honey. After that, apply this mixture gently on your skin and keep up to 15 minutes, and then rinse it with water.

Sea salt: Secret behind the flawless skin of Egyptian Beauty Cleopatra is Sea Salt scrub. She was fond of taking natural scrub to exfoliate her body. Sea salt scrub is an amazing way of removing the dead skin cells and making skin shiny and soft.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Cleopatra might know about tonic action of vinegar, which promotes blood circulation and maintains the pH of the skin. That’s why she used Apple Cider Vinegar for face rinsing.

Henna and Red Ochre: Cleopatra used henna as nail polish and Red Ochre as lipstick.

Honey: For hair straightening, Cleopatra used to apply a mixture of honey and castor oil on her hair. This natural hair care treatment aid in repairing dry and damaged hair.

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