Curious History

Curious History

Astonishing Fashion Trends from History!

It feels incredible to see how the historical events have influenced and changed the dressing sense of entire humankind. Trends come and go, and then come again! But sometimes a trend becomes much more than just a designer garment or stylish accessory. The clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelries turn into an outrage.

When it comes to fashion the journey of bungle caveman to adroit ultra-modern man is remarkable. There used to be a time when human worn animal skin just to cover his (or her) body. Now this is an era when almost every human desire to have good clothes in their closet.

Fashion Trends through the centuries

The clothes that we wear and the trends that we follow are all about materialism and superficiality. Ephemeral trends swiftly become a rage and then fade away quickly than they arrived. But High Fashion has always been associated with the deeper elements of religion, culture and class. Fashion is not about showing off, but it’s about acceptance! History salutes only those trends which are accepted by a large sect of society.

How Fashions Have Changed Since the 1920s

1920: 1920’s era is known for haute couture. High class Western women used to wear clothes having Parisian designs, which set them apart from the rest of the women. 1920 was the era when World War I ended. Thus, freedom and independence is clearly visible in 1920’s fashion.

1940: 1940’s fashion dressed women in glamorous manner. It is the time when shoes and hats gained a lot of popularity.

1950: World War II greatly influenced the dressing sense in 1950. In 50’s different types of fabrics with a multitude of pleats came into existence. Women were spotted in tight skirts and colorful sweaters.

1970: 1970 was the time when floral fabric (flower printed fabric) became rage. This floral print has influenced both male and female fashion of 1970.

1980: 1980 was the time of materialism. During 80’s, girls just want to show off. Yes, materialism was at its peak during 1980. People use to flaunt their clothes, shoes, eyewear, makeup, Watches and Jewelry. (Well, this trend is persisting till now)

1990: 1990 was the decade of minimalism. At this time technology developed. More and more girls got engaged in service. Thus, we can characterize 90’s fashion as- simple and decent.

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