Curious History

Curious History

Scary Stories of Haunted Swimming Pools!!

It is not unusual for swimming pools to maintain their usefulness. Sometimes swimming pools become too expensive to maintain and they get demolished. While other times they get abandoned because of haunted stories. Well, some stories sound real and some appear crappy. It totally depends on your sane how you take these haunted stories.

Haunted Swimming Pools

Below listed are the creepiest stories of haunted swimming pools that had beautiful beginning.

Swimming pool of Queen marry hotel

As per reports the swimming pool of the Queen Marry Hotel is one of the most haunted places of the world. A live ghost camera is installed here, which record the paranormal activities happening around it. The scariest thing about this pool is that no water is filled in the pool but still wet foot prints often appear around the pool.

Edwardian swimming pool

Once upon a time Edwardian swimming pool was one of the prestigious swimming pools of Britain. But now it is lonely and haunted. This grand swimming pool showcases amazingly beautiful Edwardian style architecture. Although it is not opened for public, some daredevil photographers have captured stunning images of this pool.

Two Guns Pool

Two Guns Pool of Arizona (USA), used to be one of the most happening place for youngsters to hangout. But now this pool is quiet and lonely. People who are inserted in knowing about ghosts visit here.


This abandoned swimming pool is a part of abandoned motel- Family Inns of America. According to folktales, bad spirits have cursed the water of Rowland pool. This pool actually has somewhat toxic appearance. Rowland swimming pool is perfect destination for shooting B grade horror movies.

Swimming pool in Fairfax County

An abandoned swimming pool in the woods of Fairfax County is now entirely filled with leaves. Even the photographer who clicked its image got stunned by presence of majestic pool in the woods. (Ohh! It’s time to get out of the woods)

So, these are the stories of haunted swimming pools situated all over the world. Well, if you are thinking about swimming pool construction, make sure you will not let it become haunted pool.

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