Curious History

Curious History

What Drove Early Man Move Across The Globe?

Yes, moving is not a new thing, even early man had migrated across the globe. In fact, migration was the reason behind the discoveries of various continents of the world. But why did early man move from place to place? Why didn’t ancient people stay in one place? And how they traveled across the globe? Well, there are many theories and beliefs behind the wander thirst of early man and every theory has something new to offer.

Why do early humans move from place to place?

Anthropologists believe that early man used to move from one place to another because of climatic conditions. One theory suggests that early man lived in Africa and then moved out from the African continent in successive waves. But, what led their migrations has been a matter of speculation. Some theories say that there was drought in Africa and so early human moved from there. It is postulated that the climatic conditions were very arid and very hot, so humans decided to move.

The most important factor that actually caused a lot of the migrations was temperature and precipitation to give food. The fossil studies revealed that early man loved to live near river banks. This is because of the fact that soils around the rivers were very fertile. On the banks of the rivers, early human can easily grow their food. Thus, this might be one of the reasons why early man used to move from one place to another.

In a broader view, we can say that migration was the first step towards the development of the mankind. If early man wouldn’t have thought about moving, civilization wouldn’t have begun yet.

Moving is a part of life…..

Even today, human soul does not want to stay at one place.  It wants to move, it wants to fly, it wants to progress but does not want to stay at one place. This is the reason why people from small towns are continuously moving to metro cities for better career opportunities and people from metro cities are moving towards small towns to get peace of mind. And moving companies are making moving and shifting work easy.

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