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Curious History

The Curious Tradition of Wedding Chimney Sweeps

Americans have not heard about the interesting stories of the wedding chimney sweeps. In Europe, chimney sweeps are specially invited at the wedding ceremonies and they kiss the bride and shake hand with the groom. Chimney sweeps are regarded as bearers of luck for weddings. But why? Well, it’s an interesting question to rise because the answers vary. Read on to know about the stories of lucky chimney sweeps.

A Chimney Sweep saved the life of King George II

It was 17th century, when one fine day, King George II was riding his horse on the street of London. Unexpectedly, a big dog came in his path and scared the horse. The horse lost its control because of fear and started jumping restlessly. King George II also lost his control on the reins. There were many people on the street who were witnessing this incident but no one came out to help the king. Then suddenly a courageous chimney sweep appeared and helped the king by grabbing the horse. This heroic act saved the King George’s life. It was the moment when King George II gratefully declared chimney sweep as the sign of future success. From then, chimney sweeps were regarded as a sign of good luck and success in the England.

A Chimney Sweeps Saved the Life of King William

Along with the story of King George II, there is one more interesting story about the lucky chimney sweep and King William-

It was 1066 when King William of Britain was walking down the road, and chimney sweep was passing by. Chimney sweep saw that runaway carriage coming towards King William at the full speed. The brave chimney sweep ran quickly and pushed the King William out of the carriage’s way. If that carriage could hit the King, the King might have died. Thus, again a lucky chimney sweep saved the life of the King.

These are two folktales which are very much popular all around the Europe about the lucky chimney sweep. So, if you happen to meet any chimney technician in Europe (or any other part of the world), treat him with all the respect.

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