Curious History

Curious History

The evolution tale of granite countertops

Granite countertops

Nowadays whenever a person thinks about kitchen remodeling, granite is the first material which comes in mind for the kitchen counter. To have a nicer kitchen just installation of a granite counter top is enough. But have you ever wondered that how granite countertops from being unknown did became the high end luxury item for the kitchen? Well, if yes then, to quench you thirst about the origin and usage of granite countertop. Here is mentioned a little about the life history of the granite countertops. Just have a look.

Rise of granite countertops

Granite once used to be the first choice of the kings and wealthy people, due to its beautiful outer appearance and incredible strength. Granite was used for construction of buildings, one of the evidence of it can be found in Egypt. The walls of Great Pyramid of Cheops are lined by granite. But later with the evolution of time people started using Granite for a number of purpose and one use of this natural stone was as a kitchen countertop.


Countertops came into existence during the early 20th century. Granite was relatively new concept for the kitchen counter until the 80’s, but till late 80’s granite countertops gained a little popularity, as in the year 1987 granite was available in two colors to be used as a kitchen countertop. But still granite was not considered as a good countertop material because of its high price and low resilience. Yet in less than a decade, granite went from being unknown to most famous countertop material and now it is the most preferred kitchen countertop material used all around the globe.


As the time passed by, people understood the importance of granite and started to use it as kitchen countertop material for their houses. People realized that granite is not only strong to bare any sort of strain and still remain intact. And now granite is the most popular countertop material, it is preferred over both natural and manmade countertop materials.


So, if you wish to get this beautiful yet strong material installed at your house as a countertop, then contact a kitchen countertop replacement service provider.

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