Curious History

Curious History

Timeline of Air Conditioning

As summer approaches, unbearable humidity and soaring temperatures start troubling people. All homeowners begin hunting for ac technician to use the marvelous invention called Air Conditioner. Many cooling machines were invented by a number of inventors before the invention of modern air conditioner. It was Willis Haviland Carrier who invented the idea of modern air conditioning.

A History of Air Conditioning

For cooling people tried almost everything from draping wet mats in doorways to the installing of water powered fans. But nothing succeeded in beating the hot and moist air. Let’s take sneak peek over the long history of air conditioning to understand the trouble faced by our ancestors.

A Brief History of Air Conditioning

1758 Benjamin Franklin invented that all liquids when evaporated has cooling effects. This was pioneer step towards invention of cooling devices.

1830 Dr. John Gorrie invented an ice-making machine at Florida hospital. This machine makes use of compression to ice buckets and then blows air over them. He wanted to extend this idea by constructing cooling buildings all over the world, but he couldn’t.

1881 A naval engineer build the box-like structure having clothes saturated with melted ice water and fan blew air outside. He builds this box to save the President James Garfield.

1882 Thomas 1882 opened the first power plant opens in New York City, which supplied electricity to residential and commercial buildings.

1902 Willis Carrier invented the first ever AC to fight with the humidity inside a printing company. Then Carrier opened the Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America to produce the air conditioning units for other factories.

1906 Stuart Cramer discovered the ventilating device which provides water vapor to the air of textile plants. This action spins yarn easily. Stuart Cramer named this process air conditioning.

1914 Charles Gates made air conditioning devices available to homeowners.

1931 J.Q. Sherman and H.H. Schultz invented individual room air conditioner, which were installed in windows.

1950 Post World War II, residential AC became available at reasonable rates.

2003 Modern air conditioners became available

NOW, you can find all kinds of air conditioning devices. Every new version of AC lure for ac repair services.

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