Curious History

Curious History

Shocking Beauty Secrets From Ancient World History

There is something mysterious about ancient beauty secrets that lure modern world. No matter how much technological advancements human race make, the charm of Greek hairstyles, ancient Egyptians beauty tricks, ancient Indian dresses and Chinese accessories is still irresistible. It is basically appealing because they used natural ways to enhance their beauty. There were no toxic and chemicals used back then.

Ancient beauty secrets

Women and makeup have always gone side by side whatever country, culture or era it might have been. Archaeologists have found bodies of buried women with makeup and beauty tools in their graves. There are even beauty manuals drafted by beauticians of the ancient time. The bizarre beauty routines helped ancient women to defy aging, maintain natural glow despite of scorching sun, and look incredibly beautiful.

Take sneak peek at how women from all over the world indulged in beautification even thousands of years ago:

Exotic Egypt

No other culture has influenced beautification and body care as much as Egyptian. Egyptian queens used to have their own kohl blends that consisted of anti bacterial properties. Even the common citizens used olive oil for body care. The famed Egyptian beauty, Cleopatra, even wrote a book on art of makeup and beauty secrets. Ancient Egyptians had explored the treatments for wrinkles, scarring and stretch marks.

Gorgeous Greece

There is actual reason behind calling “Greek Goddess” to extremely attractive women. Greek women are epitome of beauty. They are explained to have clear white complexions and beautiful golden hair. They used olive and honey for making various beauty products.

Exquisite Japan

Although Japanese women were naturally blessed with clear skin, pink lips and straight hair, they used poignant image to enhance their natural beauty. Japanese women had weird beauty routine in the past that includes red bee stung lips. No wonder why girls are still crazy for Japanese hair straightening treatment.

Mythical India

No beauty talk is complete without discussing the Indian beauty secrets. Ancient Indian women knew the art of looking beautiful, healthy and young down to a science. The jewellery, clothes and makeup used by Indian women were too ahead of the time.

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