Curious History

Curious History

Evolution from Fire to Fireplace…!

Fire is the one of the most essential things for human survival. The fire you burn in your fireplace and the fire which was ignited by early man are same. It was used by early and modern man is also using it. It had scared early man and it is scaring the modern man. Modern man hires chimney contractor to prevent fire hazards and early man worshipped fire to prevent fire hazards. To cut a long story into short, fire is useful as well as it is hazardous. Ironically, human cannot live without fire as well as cannot survive with fire hazard.

Flaming History of Fireplaces and Fire

There are countless milestones in the history of mankind, from walking upright, to making tools, to hunting, farming, socializing and the waging of war. But some inventions have a special place in the history. The invention of the fire is one of the greatest things, which modified the entire way of living. Nearly 4000 years ago, fire was accidently discovered by humans. Later it became necessary. It gave light during the night, heated homes during winter, cooked food day and night and protected against wild animals. Right after some time, it became impossible for human to imagine life without fire.

How fireplaces came into existence?

Well, the concept of fireplace is not new. Fire has been used for getting warmth since the medieval period. But journey of fire from wood piles to scientific fireplace is interesting, have a look at it-

-In 500 B.C peasants had small huts with central fire pit and there hut used to have a hole in the rooftop for smoke to escape.

-In 43 AD Roman bakers invented the fireplace with flue which piped smoke outside the house.

-In 450 AD English peasants also used central fire pit and open roof concept. But here, fire pits are morphed into hearths.

-In 1066 AD Fire pits got replaced by fireplaces and moved to the wall. It was the time when chimney was invented to expel the smoke upward.

-In 1678 AD Prince Rupert of Rhine invented the fireplace grate.

-In 1700 coal became the fuel of the fireplace.

-In 1796 Count Rumsford invented shallow fire boxes.

-In 1990 central heat wood burning fireplace came.

-In 1995 electric fireplace came into existence.

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