Curious History

Curious History

Enthralling facts about innovation of sunglasses

A brief history of sunglasses

Whether you are on a beach or on a snowdrift, sunglasses are now an indispensable component of daily lives. From the classic frames to mirrored aviators, all the sunglasses now define the style statement of the person. These sunnies nowadays are fashion accessories. But have you ever spent a second for knowing about the history of sunglasses? Well, if you are keen to know about the history of sunglasses, then you have landed on the right place.

The evolution of sunglasses with time

Let’s dive deep in time and discover some interesting facts about the invention of these optical products. Sunglasses were invented in 1929. The early sunglasses were invented with a purpose, but that purpose was not blocking the harmful sun radiations.

1920’s: During 1920’s Sam Foster understood the potential of the sunglasses and targeted New Jersey’s beach dwellers market. However, till 1930’s the sunglasses gained so much popularity in US, especially among the female population.

1950’s: This era has witnessed great demand of sunglasses. During the 1950’s the brow line sunglasses and cat eye sunglasses were so much popular among the US population. Sunglasses formed the major part of retro fashion during the 50’s period.

1960’s: During the 60’s the oversized glasses came into existence. Even the famous Hollywood personalities like Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan were fan of the weird-looking and oversized sunglasses.

1970’s: The fashionable wayfarers came into style for the first time during the 70’s after Elton John was spotted wearing square glasses with a wiring frame. A number of other celebrities were spotted in the oversized sunglasses with colored lens during the 70’s.

1980’s: The era of 80’s is known for the rise of pop king Michel Jackson. He was mostly spotted in his shield sunglasses even Tom Cruise made his fans go crazy with his Ray-Ban aviators and killer looks during the 80’s. During this era huge plastic framed sunglasses were also popular.

1990’s: Round framed glasses were so much admired by women during 1990’s. But in late 90’s this round framed were accepted by men also.

2000’s till present: During the 2000’s sunglasses were not used to improvise personal appearance. People discovered the importance of eye wear and started to use the glasses to protect their eyes from the harmful UV radiations.

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