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Curious History

What does the Bible say about Extraterrestrial life?

The concept of extraterrestrial life is fascinating itself. Many people wonder, if there is life somewhere else in this universe, as some high profile scientists speculate about the possibilities of having extraterrestrial life. There were so many claims made of seeing the Unknown Flying Objects (UFO) and bizarre alien figures throughout the history, although there are no scientific proofs of the events.

Extraterrestrial life and bible

For some people, alien life is not more than a hit topic for movies and television series. Well, what the Bible has to say about this topic? Is there any reference of aliens in the Bible? Do aliens really exist? Are they dangerous to mankind? These are the million dollar questions (still unanswered).

There are no specific mentions aliens or extraterrestrial lives in the Bible. However, it does contain the mention other kind of beings such as angels, demons, and other creatures. Also, there is a very strange mention event in the Book of Ezekiel that referred Aliens as messenger of god. But still there is not a single reference of Alien in the Bible.

The Bible does not support alien life

In spite the captivating notion of presence of various forms of intelligent life in universe, the straight fact is that the Bible doesn’t support the concept of extraterrestrial life or aliens. Neither the Bible, nor any other religious book has explicit or implicit mention of the alien life.

God created both the heavens and the earth, and all present in it within 6 days. This chapter does not contain any mention of aliens, and in fact, God did not even create female until Adam had given names to all of the created animals.

Also, even though people try to argue that this universe must certainly be made for other beings too, the creation story clearly says that the stars and moon were created for signs and seasons for Earth. To cut the long story short, God created all of those other planets are made to benefit the Earth alone.

Once again, there are no mentions made in bible about aliens or extraterrestrial life.

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