Curious History

Curious History

Five weird divorce cases from the past

Wedding is probably the most critical decision that the two persons who want to be together, ever take about their lives; likewise, preparing mentally for legal separation agreements is perhaps the most difficult decision for the couple.

Divorce and associated statistics

Divorce is never a natural step for any married couple. It is a decision that most of the people around the world condone. Most married couples try hard to avoid it. But sometimes certain situations become uncontrollable and legal separation turns out to be the only option left to live a happy life. In the United States, around 50% of marriages face divorce. Therefore, chances are that one out of two married couples will eventually end up getting divorced.

Common as well as weird reasons behind divorce

It is quite easy to show some real no-brainer reasons for divorce. Those reasons include being physically or verbally abusive to the partner, committing infidelity, alcoholism, etc. And, these are all quite common reasons to put an end to the marriage. Sometimes, both the partners agree to these reasons and also give consent to end their wedding knot. But, there are weird reasons too that make divorce cases quite bizarre. Such weird reasons often include disliking a favorite film, cleaning too much, lying about age, kissing a horse, etc. People across the world get separated into all sorts of weird and crazy reasons.

Five jaw-dropping, odd reasons for separation

Five of the weirdest reasons for divorce are listed below. These reasons are enough to drop your jaw and widen your eyes forever. Give them a read and know how bizarre can be the divorce causes:

  • Bringing mother to honeymoon

Honeymoon essentially means spending uninterrupted times with your spouse. During honeymoon couples not only explore new places but also each other. But have you ever imagined how awkward it becomes when your mother-in-law comes along? A man surprised his wife by bringing his mother to his honeymoon and the wife ended up filing a divorce.

  •  Disliking the appearance

In some parts of the world, arranged marriage is still a popular culture. Often, a man and a woman do not meet until their wedding day. A man disliked his wife’s acne affected face so much that he divorced her.

  • Believing a talking parrot

A lady started suspecting her spouse of cheating on her on hearing her parrot continuously repeat phrases such as ‘be patient,’ ‘divorce’ etc. The woman hoped to bring the parrot to the court to testify it as a reason for divorce.

  • OCD for cleaning

A woman tolerated his husband for 15 long years with his OCD for cleaning. But she decided to sue a divorce when he knocked down a wall while cleaning it.

  • Extreme sexual desire

Who on earth says that only men have extreme sexual desire? A man divorced his wife for having insatiable and intense sexual desire. He was unable to feed her urge and gave up on her.


Over the past decade, the number of divorce cases all over the world has raised significantly. On top of that, such weird reasons including the above-mentioned ones make it ever-increasing in number. Try to have strong, definite, and logical reasons before you decide to hire top divorce lawyers so that you do not regret it in the later phases of your life.

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