Curious History

Curious History

Unbelievable! Scientific drainage system found in 2000 year old civilization

Indian civilization had sanitary sewers in 3000 – 2000 BCE

Indus valley civilization had sanitary sewer lines in 3000 – 2000 BCE. It is really very difficult to believe that Indus valley people constructed a scientific drainage system 2000 year ago. Just imagine there were no technology, no machines and no advanced tools existed at that time. But archeological excavations in the region found evidence of a well-constructed sewer system. In fact, the entire city of Lothal was well planned like modern cities. Such excavations from a country like India is really very astounding because this country still doesn’t have a well-constructed sewer system.

The ancient city has a well-planned sewer system!

It is strange but true that Indus valley houses were constructed in a manner that the drain lines of houses are emptied into the main drain line. And main drain lines ran underground. These lines ran under Main Street and below many lanes.

The Indus valley civilization people were smart enough to understand that drains cannot be left open, so there drains used to be covered with removable flat stones and bricks. These stones and bricks can be opened at the time of drain clogging for cleaning and maintenance. Also, opening and closing stones had inspection traps and small holes at regular intervals. Every abode had its personal soak-pit which is used for collecting all the sediments and permitted water to flow only into the street drain. The sophisticated drainage system of the Indus valley people explains that they had developed a good sense of health and sanitation. This technology was beyond its time.

The early roots of drainage system are not just limited to Indus valley civilization. Excavations show evidences of the drainage system at Orkney Islands (Scotland) in 3200 BCE, this place had lavatory-like plumbing systems which drained wastes outside the building. The Mesopotamian Empire of Iraq also had storm water drainage systems. The earliest known pipe discovered in Babylonia which was made of tress and angle joints. Egypt and Palestine also had drainage systems in the homes of aristocrats and copper drain pipes were used in this drainage system.

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