Curious History

Curious History

Ticklish Superstitions about Sneezes

Sneezing can be simply described as a reaction to allergens, dust or nasal drip. Some people might visit allergy specialist if sneezing trouble them, while some people consider it a sign of destiny. There are many sneezing myths prevailing all over the world. Sneezing, because of its sudden explosiveness, has fascinated people since ancient times, and as consequence multitude of sneezing myths developed.

Some myths and clarifications about sneezing

Egyptian and Roman cultures are considered as the source of emotions, intelligence and spirit. Therefore, sneezing indicated some change in the personality of person, not the onset of ailment. This clearly meant that sneezing myths are not new.

During middle ages, number of epidemics emerged. The myth of saying “God bless you” came out after that. It is because sneeze made people to think that it was fatal. Still many people say ‘God bless you when someone sneezes.

In Asian continent, sneezing is regarded a signal of being talked about. It is supposed that the person sneezing is being talked by someone else in some part of the universe! The count of sneezes is also important — single sneeze means someone is saying something positive about you, while 2 sneezes mean that discussion could be bad.

In France, sneezing is a lucky charm. When anyone sneezes, French say “May your dreams come true”. While 3 continuous sneezes mean there going to be a sunny day tomorrow.

There are endless superstitions and myths about sneezing in India. If someone sneezes before going out, it is considered as bad luck and family member will recommend canceling the outing. While in some part of India, sneezing is considered as someone is thinking about you. For married ladies, it is believed that their mother-in-law is thinking about them. In southern India, if father sneezes before baby is born, it is considered as good luck.

No matter what people say when you sneeze, sneezing has nothing to do with good or bad luck. Anything could make you sneeze. There is nothing to worry about it. It might be cold or pollen allergy, which is making you sneezing, and you will be fine after treatment.

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