Curious History

Curious History

From Shovels To Plows: Evolution Of Snow Removal

In some part of the world, winters are pretty frightful. Snowstorms have been troubling people since centuries. Snow cleaning has always been a big concern for people living in the snow affected areas. Centuries back, snow cleaning was not easy. There were no professional snow removal services and modern snow cleaning tools available to people. People have struggled a lot to survive the brutal snowstorms. After years of struggles and hard-work, modern snow cleaning tools have evolved.

A brief history of snow removal

Initially, horse-drawn plows were used for snowplowing purpose. By the mid-1800s, many inventors had patented their versions of a horse-drawn plows. These snow removal tools were meant for clearing residential streets and alleys that saw more foot traffic rather than carriages. In 1862, Milwaukee became the first municipality to use horse-drawn plows, and it came out as a big hit. Over the next few years, the plows hit the streets in cities. Snowplowing was not so easy with this method but it has come out as a relief.

The Blizzard of 1888 had brought the era of horse-drawn plows to an end. It is not possible for plow-pulling horses to deal with the high winds and 50 inches of snow. Around the same time, rotary snowplow i.e. the snow blower came into existence for the snow cleaning purpose.

Commencement of Modern snow removal tool

As automobiles started replacing carriages and horses on the roads of the United States, the snowplowing difficulty got flipped on its head. It would not be adequate to clean the lanes and throw the snow on the main streets anymore. Motorized vehicles needed safe and dry streets. It was the time when motorized salt spreaders came into existence.

Today, over 100-patented snow removal tools are present!

In the early 1920s, Even Overaasen and Norwegian brothers Hans and New Yorker Carl Frink came up car-mounted snow plow designs. These were, apparently the ideal solution to the modern snow removal problems, and the snow removal company started by Frink is still serving.

Snow removal technology progressed day by day. Today with the availability of modern plows, trucks and other snow removal tools, snowplowing has become quite easier.

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