Curious History

Curious History

Coolest Ancient Air-Conditioning Devices

Modern air conditioners have become important cooling appliances all around the world. These cooling units guzzle a lot of energy as they provide cooling. But while technologists are sweating to find energy-efficient air conditioning solutions to deal with energy crises, over 1000 years ago ancient civilizations had found maintainable precursors to air conditioners.

Ancient air conditioning devices

While studying ancient civilizations, scientists have found many air conditioning methods used by ancient people. The biggest advantage of cooling technologies used by ancients is that they neither used any harmful chemicals nor any non-renewable resources for cooling. The indoor cooling solutions used by people thousands of years ago are not only innovative but also environmentally savvy.

Ancient Roman Air Conditioning Technique

Ancient Roman civilization has many viaducts carrying waterways that are supported by towering arches. In their halcyon days, 100 of miles of these waterways supplied freshwater that is adequate for entire cities and millions of inhabitants. The water is channeled in piped via walls of selected houses to cool down the brickwork and lower the room temperature. This arrangement is made only for affluent citizens who can actually afford the expenses of installing a smart water circulation system.

Ancient Chinese Air Conditioning Technique

Chinese folk used manual powered rotatory fans having seven wheels. A Chinese Emperor built Cool Hall in his palace. Water-powered rotary fan wheels were installed in this hall. A lot of people had to rotate the fan, but that hall must have been a paradise for those who got to chill there. Traces of artificial cooling drafts are also one of the remarkable cooling discoveries made by ancient Chinese.

Medieval Persian Air Conditioning Technique

Wind towers are still present in the prominent areas of the Middle East, and in Dubai are structures stand in cool. These inventive towers have windows for receiving prevailing winds and then with the help of interior vanes used to pass cooler air into the homes and suck warm air out. Wind towers acted as good natural air conditioning system in the desert area.

So, these are the most popular air conditioning methods used all around the world centuries ago. Your ac contractor may not setup an ancient cooling solution at your premises now, but they can take energy efficiency inspiration from them.

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