Curious History

Curious History

Ancient Egyptian Air Conditioner over 4,000 Years Old

Ancient Egyptians during the Old Kingdom (2600 BC) buried two ships near the Great Pyramid of Pharaoh Cheops and the ships are known as “Khufu ships”, “Cheops ships” or “Solar ships.” When these Cheops ship is excavated, it is found that the ship has fly roof as an air conditioner. The architecture of these air conditioners is too complex that even the best ac contractor cannot understand it. There is a canvas trap over a wooden frame that soaks the trap water and evaporative action cools down the building.

History of Evaporative Cooling

Entire Ancient civilization is the treasure of mysteries, innovations and inventions. The more people study about Egyptians the more they get amazed by the Egyptian inventions. Ancient Egyptians are credited as being the pioneer to use evaporative cooling method. They used to hang reeds or wet cloth in doorways and windows. As wind blew across the wet cloths, the air enters in the home get cooled. This action cool downs the entire brickwork of the buildings.

Evaporative cooling has been utilized for ages. The technique has developed from the ancient Egyptian practice of blowing water filled pots. In fact, Ancient Egyptian fresco paintings demonstrate slaves fanning porous clay jar containing water. This shows the first evidence of evaporative cooling.

This ancient Egyptians air conditioning technique can be compared to the modern evaporative coolers. Egyptians took advantage of the Northern winds. They made wind vanes and air conditioners by diverting the wind downwards and combined with the soaked tarp.

Ancient Egyptian roof air-conditioner was amazing concept of that time. Using water to decrease air pressure is an environmentally friendly cooling approach. The Egyptian air conditioners did not harm environment like modern air conditioners.

Air Conditioning Now…

Air conditioning technology has progressed a lot these days. With the help of modern air conditioners, it is possible to feel cold in the dessert. Everyone who can afford air conditioners, are using air conditioners and hiring ac repair contractors for service. And people who are not capable of affording air conditioners are using evaporative cooling approach to get relief in summers. However, modern cooling devices are not environmentally friendly as Egyptian cooling devices.

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