Curious History

Curious History

Advent of the fireplaces and chimneys from times immemorial

Whenever any household from the bygone era comes to our mind, the most dynamic corner of the house remains the fireplace. The history of the fireplace is as fascinating as the discovery of fire itself. When we think about the first technological invention, the discovery of fire is the most coveted one which can be firmly followed by the advent of fireplaces. If a dash of mythology can be mixed up to the technological excellence of the past, what get is a story from pages of ancient Greek history which says, the Titan Prometheus stole fire from the Gods and delivered it to humanity. It is also said that he had to face the brunt of it in hell while he left the element for our use. Well, since then a lot has been done indeed with fire which is our key to survival for which Prometheus indeed deserves a special thanking note from the inhabitants of this planet!

The life-sustaining fireplaces of a prehistoric era:

While we talk about the history of fireplaces, it is seen that they have been used to represent several things to humanity for several years and through prehistoric era passing through different civilizations. From giving us warmth in cozy rooms, to being used up for food preparations, these structural marvels have been helpful all through. One indeed might be inserted to dig into the history of the chimneys and here it goes. It started as a life-sustaining source to our age-old ancestors and ultimately came up with a stylish source of bragging rights in the modern era.

The structure of fireplaces in the ancient times:

In ancient times, the fireplaces were simple structures, which were minimally covered to help one ignite the fire and surround it to prevent spreading. Its structure improved from Stone Age till 27 BC to 393 AD, when they were constructed for mass in a position to provide comfort to larger groups. In the medieval era, there came a revolutionary change in the construction pattern of fireplaces and they were kept inside at idle of rooms with holes in the roof to let the smoke escape. As civilization moved on, better inventions with improved structure came up to make the fireplaces stylish and easy to use. Several famous scientists like Benjamin Franklin have modified and reinvented the medieval fireplaces in much-improved format to make them more beneficial scientifically. Modern chimney companies  offer modified versions of the age-old fireplaces, but are far more superior to their ancestors.

From life-sustaining functional element to an ornamental element:

With the invention of the electricity, the designing modifications too, have improved noticeably, fireplaces became more attractive, easy to use and pre-fabricated according to the need of the customer. In the 21st century, modern fireplaces are such fabricated that not only they can be placed at any preferable places but can be suspended and different categories of fuel can be used according to preferences and budget.

At present, the world runs on a mouse click and so the fireplaces too are operated with remote controls! These days, people can choose their preferable fireplace depending on home configuration. In fact, in most of the houses the eco-friendly heating or cooling units performs the function of the fireplaces conveniently, but still they continue to adorn the modern household with a sense of sophistication and rustic taste.

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