Curious History

Curious History

Here is why vintage RVs are the coolest way to travel

There is something really very fancy about vintage things… Vintage cars, vintage clothing, vintage jewelry and vintage furniture have been admired for several years. Now the coolest vintage fashion which is raging is vintage RVing. Even you can opt for vintage style RV rental and traverse your country in the vintage style. These adorable vintage motor homes will give you classic feeling and increase your travelling fun.

History of motor homes

Motor homes created a new revolution in the automobile industry. It was 1920s when Winchester Caravan Company introduced motor homes or RVs to the market. This vehicle was designed to provide style, comfort, and space.

Initially the sales of RVs were too low because of its strange appearance. Then a company called Jennings modified the look of the motor homes and provided a normal car chassis look. Interior décor of the vintage RVs were phenomenal! The couch, furniture, fan, lamps, showpieces, curtains and even utensils showcase the class. Motor homes were purposefully designed for long and comfortable road trips. Now, this modified RVs gained popularity as they not only looked good but also were easy to drive.

After that in 1939 the production of luxury RV was stopped because of World War II. In 1950 RVs bounced back and created a lot of buzz. It was a time when every rich person and celebrity wanted this amazing vehicle.

Vintage RVs are classic travel machines

Travelling in vintage RV is so much fun and this fun will get doubled when you will find likeminded vintage RV lovers. Yes, there are many people around you who love vintage stuffs. You can plan your road trip with them. By accompanying each other you can take sheer pleasure of your road trip. Also, it will become really very easy for you to look for RV servicing or RV service center when you need it.

To cut a long story short, a road trip in the vintage RV can become a most memorable trip of your life. So if you ever get chance to travel in the vintage RV, please don’t miss it at any cost.

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