Curious History

Curious History

Ancient Humans Left Evidence Of The Party That Happened 4,000 Years Ago

It’s not just you and your friends who rent party supplies for a grand celebration. Ancient humans also used to party hard. Researchers of University of Missouri have found the residues of the party in the Fox Temple on the Buena Vista site (located in central Peru).  The most interesting fact about these residues is that they reveal an interesting story of a party which was hosted in 2200 B.C.


This is how ancient humans used to party

The party ended more than four thousand years ago, but its remnants still speak more than 1000 words. The researchers have studied the squash and gourds artifacts of 2200 B.C. and found algarrobo, arrowroot, chili pepper, potato and manioc. This research gathered the information about the earliest consumption of arrowroot and Algarrobo on this site.

Neil Duncan (doctoral student of anthropology in the University of Missouri) was part of this research, stated that-

Archaeological starch grain research allows us to get a better knowledge of how ancient men used plants, the types of food they ate, and how that food was prepared

This is the pioneer research which involves study of squash artifacts or bottle gourd residues. 4,000 years ago both bottle gourds and squash had many uses, including being used as feast dishes, symbolic containers and net floats.


Researchers believe that the Buena Vista temple where these starch grains residual were recovered was a small center for conducting ceremonies in the central Chillon Valley. And it was a social or ritual event where these residuals were used as a party food. Once a party destination has now become a historic site!

Party then and now!

Ancient human parties sound a little bit strange. But it is true that even early man used to party! No matters in which century you are living, what kind of party supplies you are having and how much civilized you are if you are human, you just need a reason to celebrate.


Nowadays, parties have just become trend. Modern people party every weekend. Party more enjoy less……. On the contrary, ancient people used to celebrate occasions and take pleasure of each and every moment of the party! That’s the difference


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