Curious History

Curious History

Terrifying history of the Clowns…….!

Are you scared of the makeup-clad party entertainers? Do clowns freak you out? Or do you think clowns are weird? Well, if so, then you are not alone my friend. Many people in this world have been terrified by clowns for centuries. But why? Why clowns are like this? Are they actually like this or pertain to earn money? The reason behind the bizarre nature of clowns is their history. Take a sneak peak over history of clowns, which will help you in understanding the psychology of clowns.

History of clowns

Clown is a Scandinavian word which means a boorish person. Clowning has a rich history. Evidences say that there were clowns during Greek burlesque era. During the medieval ages, nobles and kings had their clowns, who are hired to amuse their masters. These entertainers used to mock animals and perform foolish stuff to create comedy situations.

Clowns were regarded as figures of innocent fun but the mask of makeup and manic joy had something hidden underneath. Whether it’s today or medieval age, clowns were associated with fear and danger, because these entertainers push logic up to the understanding limits of reason and they perform this through joking. This clearly means that they were not fools.

The clowns

The clown’s mask may appear happy and it very well works to hide the emotions. During early history, donkey ears were the important part of clown’s costume. This was to depict that how idiotic he was and a subject of mockery. After that a tail was also added to his costume.

During old English era the clowns were hired to provoke laugh. They had no real role in the drams but they were used to delight the audience. In fact, many Shakespeare dramas had clown makeup to provide comic relief.

Maybe….. clowns are good

Nowadays, many people invite party clowns in kid’s friendly parties for fun. Maybe clowns are good, they just aim to entertain the people and they feel soothe by seeing the smile on other’s face.

Well, whether a person wear mask or not, it is not easy to determine what is running in his mind! So, stop fearing and start enjoying the clowns!

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