Curious History

Curious History

Past, Present and Future of Window Shutters….

Windows were invented for letting air and light to enter inside. One the other hand, window coverings were invented to protect and decorate the windows. Plantation shutters, curtains, shades and blinds have had a glorious history for protecting windows. Among all, window shutters are the most popular form of the window coverings. Read on to know about the interesting facts of the window shutters invention.

History of window shutters

Around 500 years ago i.e. during 1558-1603 plantation shutters became the household name. There were hardly any homes in England which did not have window shutters installed. At that time window shutters were made of solid wooden boards. They were designed to cover only the lower parts of the windows. It was possible to open the window shutters for letting light and air to enter in (when needed). It was an easy task to fold the shutter panels to open them. They were then regarded as a home décor feature and decorated individually. A bar was allocated across the panels of the shutters to provide security.

In 1700, people began to use two glass windows having double hung opening. Thus, shutters were modified and designed to cover the full length of the windows. After that, during 1837-1901 shutters sprawled in many parts of the world. Almost every luxury home had shutters installed to protect and decorate their windows. During this era (i.e. 18th and 19th century) interior shutters became popular in America, and called as Plantation Shutters.

Plantation shutters now

Today, plantation shutters have become a popular window covering. Shutters are now available in plenty of color, material, design and types. It means you can install shutters with your rectangular, square as well as arched windows. Also, the shutters come in a variety of materials like aluminum, timber etc.

Many shutter vendors also sell motorized window shutters. With the help of motor, it has become really very easy to open and close the plantation shutters.

Future of plantation shutters

Plantation shutters have a bright future as well. When it comes to window coverings, shutter will remain the first choice of interior decorators and homeowners. However, you will see many new features and designs in the future window shutters.

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