Curious History

Curious History

Marilyn Monroe – A tale of Love, Betray and Divorce….

Hollywood sensation Marilyn Monroe experienced heartache, grief and loneliness over the failure of her 3 marriages. Even her divorce lawyers couldn’t save her marriages! She was beautiful, she was successful, she was kind hearted but at the end she was lonely, sad and broken. This diva was undoubtedly unlucky in love. She got fame, success, money and name but she remained thirsty for love!

Marilyn Monroe’s Marriages and Divorces

Jim Dougherty: When Marilyn was 16, she married Jim Dougherty. It was an arranged marriage for convenience; no emotional bound was associated with this marriage. It was June 19, 1942 when they got married and after that Jim Dougherty joined Merchant Marines and Marilyn used to work in a factory at that time. Then in 1946 they took divorce. After divorce Marilyn said that she took divorce because there was nothing between her and Jim, as they hardly spoke to each other.

Joe DiMaggio: Joe DiMaggio was second husband of Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn and Joe got married in 1952, when Marilyn was 25 and Joe was 37. Joe DiMaggio was handsome and famous baseball player. Marilyn and Joe were madly in love with each other. They both looked good with each other. But things didn’t go well with duo. Joe DiMaggio doubted about Marilyn’s love and because of this reason Marilyn lived in a lot of tension. Then finally in October 1954 couple filed divorce. It was the sad phase of Marilyn’s life. Despite of differences, betrayal and suspicions, Marilyn Monroe loved Joe DiMaggio.

Arthur Miller: Arthur Miller was third husband of Marilyn Monroe. They got married in 1956 and their marriage lasted for 5 years. Arthur Miller suspected about Marilyn’s affair with Inge Morath (German-born photographer). But they divorced each other on the basis of incompatibility!

3 Divorces devastated Marilyn Monroe!

It is not easy to handle divorces. It doesn’t matter you are celebrity, rich, beautiful or you have best divorce lawyer by your side, divorce hurts and it hurt Marilyn as well. After several heart breaks, 3 divorces and 2 miscarriages, Marilyn Monroe didn’t opted for 4th marriage, even though she had a few affairs.

So…… This is the story convoluted love life of Marilyn Monroe!

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