Curious History

Curious History

History of Outdoor Weddings

In earlier times, the outdoor wedding was more of a commodity than love. Back then the word ‘wedding’ meant security the groom would provide for the bride after marriage. Therefore, the brides were selected based on their wealth. This trend lasted till the 19th century, when couples began marrying for love.

In the 19th century America, weddings were a simple and intimate affair held at either the groom or the bride’s home. The announcement of the wedding took place at the church, a week before the wedding. It became an elaborate affair in the 1920s and 30s when families  of the upper society started hiring professionals for wedding cakes and decoration of the venue. This trend was evolving for the last four decades, but gained popularity during the Jazz Age. Large wedding departmental stores offering merchandise for brides, wedding caterers, stamped invitations, wedding photographers became an essential part  of the wedding.

In the 60s, America witnessed a series of assassination, Beatles invasion, landing on the moon, sending men to Vietnam and rise of the hippies. The mellow demeanor of the hippies showed how a wedding can be celebrated amidst nature. Many inspiring styles emerged – cakes were decorated with fresh flowers, flowers were used as hair accessories, long and flowing dresses with bell sleeves and Empire waistlines, customized of vows and communal dining became popular.

Traditional Wedding Styles

In the 70s, women began rejecting the cookie-cutter standards of the 50s era and opting for unique ceremonies and outfits. The wedding of Tricia Nixon-Cox in the White House Rose Garden showed the world that the outdoor wedding can be elegant, beautiful and chic. The wedding moved out of the church and the thought of ‘destination wedding‘ was born.

However, this trend changed with the fairy tale wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles as it brought traditional wedding back in style. Every bride dreamt of replicating Princess Diana on her wedding day. French villas and chateaux started popping up as the venues. Many weddings started taking place in mansions – tennis court, swimming pools, etc. The trend of dream wedding continued till the 90s.

Weddings are no different in the 21st century. Today, both indoor and outdoor weddings are in vogue. The couples spend thousands of dollars on their wedding and every wedding detail is taken care by wedding professionals. Weddings have come a long way – from being a simple house ceremony with wedding tent to an elaborate and trendy outdoor celebration.

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